Wednesday, November 30, 2011

266- Introducing Destiny*

Destiny is my December challenge buddy.  Destiny is no stranger to the Paleo diet, and is a member of a crossfit gym.  I met her a few months ago at my gym, she was just starting out and she reminded me a lot of myself.  We bonded over things like our hatred of pull-ups and burpees- the things that are very difficult when you have a little too much of yourself to move around.  

We attend separate gyms now, but thorough normal Facebook stalking, I read she was engaging in a 60 day Paleo challenge with her gym from November 1 to January 1 - to stay focused during the holidays.  I knew she would be perfect to join me in December.  

Destiny and I shared some ideas before beginning, and we agreed on a day each week to share our weekly food logs, set small goals to work on, and decided to do a "benchmark" workout at the beginning of the month and then again at the end of the month to see if there are any changes.  Our plan looks something like this:
1) Take a photo in an outfit that is just a little too snug 
2) Eat a paleo diet
3) Log food each day
4) Set 2-3 mini goals to work on this month
5) Perform as many push-ups as possible on Dec 1, again on Jan 1

I'll be back in a week for the first update!

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