Tuesday, January 31, 2012

230- Five Stages

My post on Sunday was a little dramatic ("2 months of no weight loss and 1 month of no inches lost") forgive me, I came down with a cold shortly after writing that post, and my brain was most likely distracted.  While that statement is true, looking back to my numbers from August when I started this year, I've lost 10 inches and at least 11 pounds.  *Insert commentary about slow and steady winning the race here.*  I still find the need to be a little introspective on this past month, and how I can improve upon the next.  There was a lightbulb moment of sorts last night when the bf deluxe was trying to push cold medicine on me.  "Just take some, you'll feel better."  "No thanks, I don't want that stuff in me."  *Bf deluxe eyeroll.*  I said "I feel when I take that stuff, I suffer less, but for a longer period of time.  I rather suffer a whole bunch for less time." 

Apparently that is a true statment for when I have a cold, but not much else.  I took a step outside myself, and realized I have been suffering a little for a long period of time.  This revelation led to another. 

When we lose something dear to us, there are said to be five stages of grief.
1. Denial, Isolation
2. Anger
3. Bargining
4. Depression/sadness
5. Acceptance

I know it may seem ridiculous to some people that I may be deep in the process of grieving for the loss of---Food.  Believe me, it sounds ridiculous to me.  But when I look back at my 1.5 years of learning to eat Paleo, I see the five steps almost crystal clear.  Well, at least, I see that I've at the very least made it to step 3- Bargining, and this is where I believe I'm stuck. 

After my first 8 days into full fledged Paleo, I felt so amazing.  Life was sunshine and puppies and bacon.  I knew at that moment that I wanted to eat this way (and feel this way) for the rest of my life.  Not only that, but it felt as if it was the way I SHOULD have been eating all along.  My first real test came two days later around day 10, when I had to take a trip to California for my cousins graduation.  I knew it was going to be tough facing my family (who can't do anything without planning the meal first) and also being away from my own kitchen and support system.  I had momentum though.  I was new to Paleo, excited, and ready to take on all of the "don't you miss bread?  You LOVE bread?" and "can cavemen eat this?" and "you sure are eating a lot of fat."  The comments rolled off me like water off a ducks back.  However, I still found myself telling myself was happy eating my chicken and salad with olive oil/balsamic dressing while they were stuffing their faces with red velvet cake and pulled pork sliders.  Like if I said it enough times, it would become more true.  Somewhere after these 30 days or so, the momentum became tough to hold onto.  I found myself saying no to events that I wished I could attend, but might lead to annoying questions, or put me in close proximity to dangerous foods.  I definitely felt alone swimming against the tide.

This step gets tested over and over.  I see my fit friends eating all sorts of crap, and it makes me so angry.  Why can't I eat a plate of pasta and wipe the plate with bread like a normal person?  This usually leads to some sort of cheat, which may lead to one or more, which leaves me feeling like crap.  Then I get even MORE annoyed that its true.  I can not eat certain things (wheat, gluten, refined sugar).

Ah, yes.  The compromise.  I am a master at the compromise.  Oh, its gluten free?  Sure!  That will work, just this one day.  I bet I can find a "paleo" dessert/pancake/bread recipe!  This my friends is the stage in which I'm suffering less, but suffering longer.  By allowing more items to be on the table (corn tortillas, dark chocolate, paleotized items), I feel more "normal" and therefore suffer less thoughts of feeling sorry for myself.  However, by allowing these questionable items to become commonplace, I'm slowing my bodies progress towards insulin regulation and weight loss, therefore suffering longer.  I know why I'm stuck here.  I'm still holding onto the thought that one day, if I do reach a weight that is more suited to my body, I can eat the off-limits foods.  I hope everyone sees how messed up that thinking is.  I do.  But that doesn't change it.  Even more so, that thinking has prevented me from reaching the next step- depression/sadness because just as I get to the feeling sad for all the things I can't eat anymore, I bargin my way out of it and eat a paleo waffle, or some Juanitas tortilla chips and Emerald Valley Salsa.

I must figure out a way to allow myself to mourn my old lifestyle without turning this stage into bargining.  While I can say it over and over to myself that I just can't eat certain things ever again, it has yet to really hit me to the point of me being sad and mopey about it.  I need to recognize the sadness coming on, and let it hit without numbing it with 70% chocolate or a handful of raisins.  This stage is absolutely necessary for me to get through, since after sadness, I can enter the best stage of all.

I don't think I'll have any problems once I get here.  I will proudly eat the discarded chicken skin off your plate, and pass on the bread and cupcakes.  There won't be any need to justify my actions, the way I look will do that for me.  I will no longer waste my breath trying to explain my choices to people that will never accept anything except what they are doing.  When I get here, I won't be on any diet or part of any crazy cult.  I will just be Paleo.

I don't think I can force myself into the sadness phase, but I do believe that recognition is the first step.  Now perhaps when I find myself contemplating bargining thoughts, I can determine if I'm bargining to avoid sadness (or something else).  Chances are, I bet I will be!  When I find myself between stages 3 and 4, I'll remind myself "I rather suffer a large amount for a shorter period of time than suffer a little bit for an indefinite amount of time."

This post was adapted from and inspired by Robin Strathdee, a contributer to the Whole9 Blog: original post found here:

Sunday, January 29, 2012

232- Crossroads

After two months of no weight loss, and one month of zero inches lost, I've come to a crossroads. I can continue to do what I am currently doing and hope that this plateau passes soon, or I can change what I'm doing in hopes of surprising my body and hope that I break through this plateau.  

In light of the video I posted yesterday, and my seemingly endless plateau,  I'm opting to change things up.  Before you get too excited,  please know that I do not plan on letting grains, sugar, legumes, or dairy into my diet with this change up.  I'm going to make my diet more nutrient focused, by adding more supplements (higher quality fish oil, amino acids, vitamins, etc.) changing my eating patterns to less food more often, and changing the patterns in which I eat macro nutrient groups (alternating protein + veg with fruit + fat etc.) for the goal of keeping my body guessing.

Numerous studies have been done about how bodies like to find homeostasis.  For someone trying to shed excess pounds, homeostasis is about the worst thing that can happen.  It means that a body has adjusted to whatever food/exercise regimen its been given, and is now resting comfortably.  Bodies love to do this.  That is why plateaus exist, and why we are always told to keep our bodies guessing.  

February will be all about shake up.  I'm going to kick my body out of homeostasis and show it that there is still work to be done!   

Saturday, January 28, 2012

233- A MUST See. Really.

I was tipped off to this video's existence by following Everyday Paleo on Facebook.  This video was passed out to Sarah (the blogs author) by her sons teacher.  The fact that this idea is gaining momentum to the point of being passed out to parents from teachers is beyond exciting.  

If you're a big softy like me, you might want a tissue.  This is 17 minutes that will not be a waste of time:

Friday, January 27, 2012

234- Staying Motivated

Yesterday, one of the bloggers I regularly check in on posted a few questions to her readers, and invited them the answer in the comments section.  The questions were:
1)  "What keeps you motivated?"
2)  "What keeps you inspired?" 
3)  "Why do you continute to fight over and over again for your healthiness?" 
4)  "Is the reason you started different than the reason you keep fighting?"
I fully admit that I am pretty much a strict read-only follower of many blogs.  It takes a lot for me to comment.  I don't comment on blogs so that people will click on my name and find my blog, although I do almost always check out the blogs of people that leave comments here (THANK YOU!).  I comment when something in the post moves me.  I was very close to commenting on this post yesterday, but after reading the few comments already left by people, I decided against it.  Instead, I'm going to hijack the idea and use my answers for the base of my post. 
First, I want to change the order in which I answer the questions from the order they were asked.  I think the most important question in this set is the 3rd one, and for me, it leads to the answers for the remaining questions.  So, why do I continue to fight over and over for my healthiness?
In short, because I know I can be better.  There is always something I can do to improve upon my current situation, and I've been in all sorts of situations.  I've been fit (although I didn't realize it at the time), I've been less than fit, I've been really really unfit (again, didn't realize it at the time) and at each of those phases in my life, I always knew there was more I could be doing.  The hardest thing for me to accept lately is that in order to keep fighting for my healthiness, I must go against a lot of things I've been told are beneficial.  Some people see my new way of eating/exercising/living as extreme, or a fad, or cultish.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but until you have walked a mile in my shoes, or lived 32 years of my life, you don't know what is best for me.  You are an expert on you, I'm an expert on me.  Normal judgement and speculation by people that know me well enough to ask questions about my diet has made this more of a fight than I had hoped.  I continue to fight because this is the best I've ever felt, and eating this way completely releases the hold that food once had on me.  Unless you've felt that helpless feeling, of repeatedly doing something detrimental to your health/body despite KNOWING better, and then having that behavior completely stop, you may not understand why this is so exciting for me.   
Is the reason I started different than the reason I keep fighting?  Absolutely.  I've dedicated many posts to revealing how intitially all I wanted was to lose weight.  I realize now I couldn't have been any more vague.  I slowly let go of getting a number stuck in my head and doing what I thought I needed to do to get there.  Now I look for changes in the way my clothes fit, how much more weight I can lift, or how much faster I am.  I don't have a goal weight, because it has been replaced by the many things I want to be able to do (deadlift 300#, squat 250#, OH squat my body weight, 30" box jump, free standing hand stand, pull-ups, run sub 8 minute miles, the list goes on...)  So yeah, I'd say my reason has changed significantly.
What keeps me motivated?  Seeing progress.  Feeling good.  Not suffering from allergies/headaches.  Remembering things I couldn't do one year ago that I can do today.  Writing out my experiences.  Having people join me for 30 days.  Knowing that as long as I keep on this path, one day it will all catch up to me.  Something will finally click, and I will be unstoppable. 
What keeps me inspired?  Seeing others make huge gains toward their goals.  Constantly changing things up so I don't get bored. 
If I stand still in this moment right here, and reflect on how I got here, I see a lot of growing up, adapting, learning, changing, practicing, and listening.  There is no one way.  There is no magic pill.  And there definitely is no stopping.   

Thursday, January 26, 2012

235- Squats and Ribs

Two of my favorite things.  Today we tried yet again for our 30 rep max back squat.  Walking into the gym I was still wrecked from Monday and Tuesday, so I was wondering if I should attempt to go heavier than the last time I tried.  Of course I did, and I got a new PR for my 30 rep max back squat- 125#.  

It took everything I had to do the last 5, I could feel every muscle in my body fighting under the bar to stand up.  I'm glad I went heavier, and I'm glad I did the WOD, because afterwards, all my soreness vanished, and I felt great.  

I returned to work feeling good, and replenished my depleted glycogen stores with delicious ribs saved from yesterday's catered lunch!  My idea of a perfect day!  

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

236- No Excuses

Today I woke up SORE.  I checked the workout of the day, and was super excited to see 10 rounds of 30 seconds American KB swings, 30 seconds rest.  Just the workout I needed to work out my soreness.  I love KB swings, and this workout was nothing but KB swings!  

At 11:08am I was called into a surprise conference call.  It let out after noon, and there was no way I could make it to class on time.  But, there was fully catered BBQ lunch (my favorite) that I got to take advantage of.  Part of me was ok with skipping the gym because my soreness only continued to worsen, maybe I could use a break?  Other parts of me were sad because I was really excited to do that workout.  Then it dawned on me, I have all the equipment I need to do the workout at home!  

That's exactly what I did.  I enlisted the bf deluxe to turn on some loud music and tell me when to swing and when to rest.  It was awesome.  So far the kettlebell is proving to be a good investment!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

237- Star Jumps

This morning I was feeling yesterday's ground to overhead (clean and press) moves at 95#.  When I looked up the workout of the day, I was less then thrilled to see a 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 thruster workout.  I did think that doing 55 thrusters at 65# did seem manageable, but there were two other elements of the workout as well, star jumps (feet together, crouch down and bring your arms in front of you, and then jump up moving your arms and legs out forming a "star" in the air) and seated Russian twists (v-sit and tap weight on each side of you).  So basically, you start by performing one of each movement, then 2, then 3, so on and so forth until 10. 
I got to the gym a little early since I now change out of my work clothes at the gym due to someone in my office complaining to my boss about me changing at the office.  WTH?  Anyway, I noticed trainer was doing the workout before class started.  The clock said 20:38 and a few minutes later, she collapsed on the floor.   I should have guessed something was up with a workout titled "the pain train."  I looked to the big white board and saw two terrifying things 1) 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 and back down (WHAT!?) and 2) 30 minute cut off (again, WHAT!?).  Oh man, its one thing going up a ladder, but coming back down is sooo rough.  Instead of 55 of everything, we were doing 100.  I immediately told myself I was not going to time out, and instead I was going to finish around 27 minutes.  Trainer finished around 24 minutes or so, and she is ridiculously fit, even just having come out of hernia surgery, so I figure 27 minutes for me is fair. 
We warmed up our overhead muscles with kettlebell swings and handstands, and I realized I really like doing handstands against walls.  They felt solid and strong, and when I had good balance I tried to stay in a hold for as long as possible.  One awesome handstand hold (probably would have been a PR) was ruined by my shirt flying up and landing on my face.  Even though upside-down with hands outstretched overhead is probably the best my stomach could possibly look, I'm just not comfortable with all that white flesh being exposed for the gym.  Maybe one day, but today was not the day. 
Into the workout we went, and I was super shocked when I got to my round of 5 to see the clock say 3 minutes something.  That was the moment I knew that I would be finishing the workout, and had a really good shot at finishing it at my 27 minute goal.  Round 5 must have been the magical tipping point, because 6-7-8-9-10-9-8-7 all SUCKED.  I was spent.  The Russian twists were killing me, my jumps were not even close to stars, but my thrusters still felt strong, even though I didn't perform the 9-10-9-8 rounds unbroken.  I just kept going.  I was oddly motivated by the steam rising off the bald head of the guy across from me.  I finished in 26:15 and was very happy with that.   
100 star jumps today, 72 yesterday, I won't be surprised if the workout for tomorrow is 200 star jumps!  Good thing no one that creates the workouts reads this, or my suggestion might be taken seriously. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

238- Snowmaggedon, Denver, Exhale

Pretty much immediately after my post last week, snowmaggedon hit Seattle.  Unfortunately, I missed the majority of the excitement due to a business trip to Denver.  Between the snow and preparations for the presentation I had to give at a meeting in front of my grand-boss (my boss' boss) and great-grand boss (boss' boss' boss) I had no time to spend here updating you.  

Denver was awesome.  I arrived late on Wednesday (my flight was delayed out of Seattle) and had a meeting all day Thursday.  My presentation went well.  I happy that it is getting easier for me to speak in front of intimidating groups, and I believe feeling better about my body has a lot to do with that.  A few observations I made during/at the meeting: 1) sitting all day hurts my tailbone- funny I never noticed that before when I did actually sit all day, 2) the people that ate muffins and pastries at breakfast were practically chewing their hands off by lunch time- blood sugar spikes anyone? 

After my meeting, I was "free" to explore the city as my mom flew out to meet me, and we were staying until Sunday.  The weather in Denver was superb!  60's and sunny the whole time.  I didn't even need a jacket!  I had a headache the entire time I was there that I just couldn't shake, no matter how much water I drank, and then I remembered that it was the mile high city.  

My eating during the trip was the best it could have been, and when I weighed myself this am, I was 2.5 pounds less then I was before I went.  It was funny watching my mom eat oatmeal with sides of toast for breakfast, and complain about her "vacation bloat" while I was eating bacon and avocado omlettes and feeling great.  

I have been coffee free now for two full weeks, and I'm feeling fine!  I start drinking water sooner, and drink more throughout the day.  I plan on keeping this up indefinitely, but I'm sure eventually it will find its way back to my morning because I live in Seattle, and I like it.  

Today was my first day back at crossfit in nearly a week, and I felt it.  I did however perform 18 ground to overheads at 95 pounds, 36 weighted sit-ups, 54 weighted back extensions, and 72 star jumps.  Eventually I was glad I went.  Just not right away.  

Things are calming down now, so back to the regular program.  Pheeeewwww. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

245- My Day in Photos


It kinda sucks that today is one of those holidays that everyone else gets except me, but also it means the roads are even more clear.  

What goes better with snow than bacon?  NOTHING.

Idea courtesy of NomNom Paleo

Sunday, January 15, 2012

246- Mid-month Update

January 15th, already?  This is going to be another one of those years that flies by, isn't it?  Tomorrow will be March, and then next week will be June, and in a month it will be Thanksgiving!  

So after my December hiccup, things have been going much better.  I challenged myself this month to try and drink a gallon of water each day, and after spending the first week thinking my organs were going to need life vests, and being awoken in the middle of the night by my bladder, I think my body has finally adjusted.  Even on the days I don't quite make it to a full gallon, I'm still getting 80-90oz of water (you can see I started adding my water info in with my food/exercise log).  I would say that prior to this self-challenge, my water intake was around 40-50oz.  Huge difference.

Last week, without really any prior thought (as in I woke up on Monday and decided), I decided to see if I could go a week without coffee.  Today is day 7 without coffee, and I've finally adjusted to that.  I can't remember the last time I didn't have a cup of coffee within a few hours of waking up.  Its kind of nice not having to drink coffee first thing to get my day going.  Also, my water intake starts sooner, and therefore I am drinking more by the end of the day.  I think I'm going to extend this past a week- I tried drinking some green tea for the first time ever this morning, and might be able to get used to it, I got used to coffee after all!  

This past week was also exciting for me at the gym, as I hit a new Deadlift PR.  235 pounds.  When I first started crossfit a little over a year ago, my max deadlift was 185 pounds, the same as my max back squat.  This was puzzling to my trainer, because normally people can deadlift about 15% more than their max back squat.  Not sure what was up with me, perhaps underdeveloped hamstrings and back?  The next time I attempted a max deadlift was maybe 6-8 months ago?  I hit 205.  I was pretty happy with that because it was my first lift over 200#.  My back squat was at 195#, so I was beginning to deadlift more than my back squat.  Then on Tuesday, to hit 235, it was awesome.  Not sure what my max back squat is now, but I'd be excited if it was 200 or 205.  Ultimately, I'd love to have a back squat around 250#, and a deadlift of 300#, but that will take some serious work.  Also, as I (hopefully) lose weight, pulling those kinds of numbers will be a even great feat.  

On a sort of related note, I went shopping yesterday because I was near the mall, and it was snowing.  Snow in Seattle is chaos because everyone just abandons their cars everywhere and crashes into ditches.  I wanted to try and avoid some of that, so I ducked into the mall for a few hours.  I tried on a pair of colored skinny jeans, in the size that I thought I am, and I was swimming in them.  Never thought I'd be swimming in skinny jeans.  They were too expensive, so I didn't even bother trying on the smaller size.  I went into old faithful (The GAP) and found tons of deals!  I grabbed two pairs of pants in the smaller size I should have chosen for the colored skinny jeans, and both fit- like, really fit, and not just me putting on sausage casing.  Before I get too excited, I'm convinced The GAP has changed the size of all their clothes, so that this smaller size is really the larger one I was thinking that I am.  Stupid vanity sizing!  Anyway, I can get pissed about vanity sizing, but I'm not pissed about scoring a pair of jeans, a pair of black dress/work pants, and a sparkly cardigan for $50!!  

Here's to another two weeks of eating real food, drinking a gallon (or damn near close) a day, no coffee, and lifting heavy things!  

Saturday, January 14, 2012

247- Practicing What I Preach

Have you ever started up a conversation with someone wearing a Harvard sweatshirt about the town Cambridge, MA, only to find out they didn't actually go to Harvard and were just wearing the sweatshirt?  I suppose you could replace "Harvard" with any band, location, or statement, maybe its only me, but it bothers me when people make statements with their clothing and they don't even stand behind it.  End rant.

So last week, I was getting ready to head out for my lunch time gym class, and I smelled catered lunch at work.  I changed into my gym clothes, and then made myself a plate of food to hide in my cube and eat when I got back from the gym, since by the time I returned from the gym, the vultures would've devoured all hot food from the schaffers.  

I got back to my cubicle set my plate down, and realized something incredibly cool and unplanned had occurred:

Yeah, funny.  And I don't own a Harvard sweatshirt, but I do own an Oregon one.  :)  

Thursday, January 12, 2012

249- Week of PR's

Yesterday our workout was to establish our 5 rep max for deadlifts, meaning the maximum amount we could deadlift 5 times without stopping except briefly at the bottom of the lift to touch the weights to the floor.  A few months back, we established our 3 rep max for the deadlift, and I did 205#.  I was hoping to match that for 5 reps today, but the bar was feeling extra heavy.  I started out with 3 reps at 135#, 155#, 175#, then when I picked up 195#, I just decided to go for my 5 then, and at the end, I knew that was my 5 rep max.  I went through this routine pretty quickly, and while some new folks to the gym were getting coached on technique, I decided to see what my 1 rep max is.  I haven't tried for that in months.  I knew if I did a 3 rep max of 205, that I could do 215#.  I was feeling bold and loaded on 225#.  Did it.  Then I put on 10 more pounds for 235#.  Nailed it.  I stopped there, satisfied with a new PR.  
Today, our workout was identical to last Thursday's workout- mini leg blaster (400m run, followed by 3 rounds of: 10 squats, 10 walking lunges, 10 jumping lunges, 10 jump squats) then try and find our 30 rep max back squat. 
Huh?  I said the same thing last week when I walked into the gym.  30 rep max backsquat?  Ridiculous.  Last week, I was paired up with a very fit girl that snorts when she laughs.  It used to bother me, but now it cracks me up.  This girl is nuts, she teaches boot camp classes, (like I said, she's fit) and then comes and does WOD's with us, and smokes us all.  One thing that is annoying is that she never chooses to do as much weight as she can.  Anytime we are given the option to pick a lighter weight, she does.  I was determined to make her 30 rep backsquats reflect her ablitity!  So we were warming up, and she tries to say 65# is all she can do.  I talk her into trying 75#, and then finally, 85#- which she nailed 30 reps almost effortlessly.  Then it was my turn.  I saw some ladies from the morning had hit 95#, but I wanted to do more.  So I did 105#.  The last 10 reps were tough, but I got through it. 
Now today, I was paired up with one of my buddies who started attending the gym at roughly the same time I did.  Come to find out we know a lot of people in common because his family business used to be the #1 competitor of a former company I worked for, and his business is one of the main suppliers of products to the bf deluxes restaurant.  The world is a small place.  He and I gossip like school girls before workouts because the food/restaurant industry is fun to gossip about.  Anyway, we were both at class last week when we did this, but he was paired with a new guy, and ended up doing his 30 reps at 65#.  He and I both knew he can do more.  I told him my 30 rep was at 105#, and he decided to try for that.  We warmed up to 105#, and then he did his 30 reps.  I decided to try for more, and loaded another 10# on, for 115#.  It was tough, but I did it.  30 reps at 115#.  Another PR. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

251- Wind Under Me

Laptop is fixed, just need to get decent spyware software.  Still blogging from iphone, still have a bunch of things I want to post from the past week, but, BUT something happened today that was worthy of sharing.  Today was a workout that I have never seen at a CrossFit before.  I mean, it makes sense, but I've just never been present for it.  I walked into the gym and saw: Run 3 miles.
Ok.  I could do this.  I've been on exactly 2 runs since spraining the fuck out of my ankle.  Both were fine.  As we began the warm-up it became quickly apparent how sore I was from yesterday's workout.  Let's take a few sentences to go over yesterday...we did Death by Thrusters.  I think I've explained the "death by" format before, the clock starts, and you have 1 minute to perform 1 of whatever movement (in this case 65# thrusters).  You can choose to perform the movement right away, and then have the remaining time to rest, or you can wait till the last 10 seconds of the minute and perform the movement.  Just as long as on minute 1, you do 1.  Minute 2, you do 2, etc, etc.  Get it?  Its pretty boring until about minute 5, your rest time shrinks drastically, you begin to slow down, and by minute 9 in my case, I was done.  But we weren't done yet.  We got a 2 minute rest, and then had to work backwards from our highest completed round in the same format.  So, after my rest I had one minute to do 9 thrusters, and go back down to 1.  I tallied it up at the end, and I did 90 thrusters in 18 minutes.  Jesus. 
Alright, back to today and me noticing my soreness.  I swear when I woke up, I felt fine.  Now that I'm in the gym I'm instantly all-over sore?  Even more reason a nice 3 mile run would be good for me.  I learn the route, strap on my shoes, and head out.  The first mile SUCKED.  I couldn't get into a rhythm, and just felt slow, although I wasn't the last one.  There was one guy behind me.
Mile 2, felt better lungs wise, but my crazy sore quads were so heavy, it felt like I had weights strapped to my legs.  I didn't wear the best pants, and they kept slipping down my belly, forcing me to have to pull them up every 2 seconds.  Partway into mile 2, guy behind me passed me, but I kept right on him.  WTH?  I thought I was keeping a pretty even pace my ankle started out with a dull pain, but now I wasn't feeling anything- that can't be good.  He hit a stoplight and I caught up immediately.  I realized that this should be the end for me, I didn't want to push my ankle any farther.  As we are waiting for the light to change, he says to me "do you run, like as one of your outside of CrossFit activities?"  I was like, "um, I haven't been, I sprained my ankle 6 months ago, and haven't fully gotten back to it."  He's says "well, you have the wind under you, keep it up!"  
I was confused.  I mean, he and I were fighting it out for LAST, and he tells me that I'm doing really good?  Maybe he meant I'm doing good for someone as large as me.  Or maybe he wanted to make his ego feel better?  Or maybe he was just being real, and I'm a bitch that can't take a compliment.  Hmmm.  I'll think about that for awhile.  
Anyway, I headed back to the gym after mile 2, fearing I was at a 12 minute mile pace and didnt want to be running all night, and he kept going.  My time upon returning was 20 minutes, meaning that I was probably at a sub-10 minute mile.  Right back to where I was before ankle.  I think I'm going to start running more again.   

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Technical difficulties

Having some issues with the laptop. They are being resolved soon. Don't worry, I'm still on track and have a plethora of posts lined up. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

258- New Year Re-resolutions

I've never been into New Year's Resolutions.  I guess because if I notice something about my behavior that I don't like, I resolve to fix it, whether its the middle of the week, middle of the month, or middle of the year.  Doesn't everyone do that?  I mean, if I felt lazy and out of shape March 11th, I'd resolve to start running or whatever and possibly start March 12th.  Usually I'd be good for a few weeks and then slowly peter out, only to make the same resolution again in August.  I suppose resolutions at the new year are just meant to be goals or things to work on, and who doesn't love the idea of a clean slate like the day 1/1 implies?!
As I put on my gym clothes today and was about to head out to my first workout of the new year, it dawned on me how lucky I am.  I'm in a pretty good groove right now.  I'm happy with my eating style, I'm happy with my workouts, and I've been steadily (sloowwwly) getting smaller since August.  My mood is almost always good, I like my job, my home, my friends, my family, my life.  I'm not starting from a resolution, I've been at this for months!  To honor that, I'm making a list of all the things I currently do that might be viewed as resolutions, but since I already do them, they are re-resolutions?
1) Eat clean- doing it!
2) Regularly attend a gym- Yup!
3) Drink more water- you betcha (and aiming for a gallon a day)!
4) Take supplements (fish oil, vitamin D for me)- yes
5) Pick specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound goals- this one is relatively new to me, but trying!
6) Lift weights- duh
7) Be less sedentary- standing desk!
A sense of relief swept over me as I headed out.  I can't explain it, for the first time in years I didn't feel any pressure to "make this year the best" because I know I'm already well on my way to making that happen.  Many many years of mine have passed with the best intentions for the new year.  I've never been good at sticking to what I tell myself I want to do, maybe because before I always picked things that were too hard, or unsustainable?  Looking back to how I got here today, to this feeling of relief, I see that I didn't do everything all at once.  I also stumbled some, but made sure to get right back at it.  Now making tweaks to my routine is easy.  For example: trying to drink a gallon of water a day.  I've already cut out soda and juices, and have been drinking water only as my beverage of choice, and adding a few more glasses per day won't be daunting like when I was 19 and FIRST STARTED DRINKING WATER.  Yeah.  Years of learning I tell ya!     

Monday, January 2, 2012

259- Paleo Waffle Review

Today is my last day off four days off work.  It has been fantastically relaxing, I've managed to get so much done around the house, and actually feel ready to go back to work tomorrow!  In honor of my final day home, I decided to search out something exciting and different to make for breakfast.  I really thought waffles sounded good, but doubted my ability to find some sort of grain-free, added sugar-free recipe.

Enter reason 1,327 of why I love the internet.  After about a half-second search, I found this beauty on Marks Daily Apple:

Primal Blueprint Recipe: Coconut Pancakes/Waffles from Adam Kayce on Vimeo.

Normally, when I go searching for a recipe and click on the one that looks most appealing, and I get a 'video' of how its done, I get super annoyed and click back.  Since this was a post on MDA, I felt that was a pretty good reference, so I watched.  This guy was actually mildly amusing.  He really had me at "entire can of coconut milk."  And he's not lying.  These are for people that love coconut.  If coconut is not your thing, sorry, and ha ha, you are MISSING OUT.  

If you don't want to watch the video, just fast forward to the last 10 seconds, the recipe is posted.  The instructions are simple- mix everything together.  I omitted the cinnamon.  Also, they need longer cooking time then regular pancakes/ waffles.  One thing I also learned is that they don't expand like traditional waffle recipes, so make sure you fill each square with batter- a lot of the batter is liquid, which evaporates (contributing to the non-expansion), and you are left with a rich, crispy treat.

It tasted so good, I almost forgot to take a pic.  I topped with grass-fed butter and sugarless preserves.  This is definitely not an every-weekend type of thing, once a month maybe?  They are very rich, suitable for a guilt free special occasion treat!  This recipe makes quite a bit of batter, so I might try the batter out as pancakes tomorrow.  

Sunday, January 1, 2012

260-Janurary 1st Progress Update

Happy New Year!  I woke up this morning (without a hangover!) excited to watch the Rosebowl Parade and my Ducks play.  Then I learned that is tomorrow because the Rosebowl takes Sunday off.  WTF?  

Enough of that.  Let's get to the fun stuff, huh?  For those of you that have been reading for awhile, you know that December ended up being a tough month for me and I stumbled a little.  Looking back at my December 1st update, I KNEW it was going to be a tough month.  Here were my goals for the month of December:

Goals for December:
Continue eating a paleo diet
Continue to work on kipping swings at gym/increasing my dead hang hold time
Take fish oil and vitamin D daily 
More vegetables 
Formulate a good plan for all occasions coming up this month- Christmas party, Las Vegas, etc.
take a picture of myself today in a new outfit
perform as many push-ups as I can in a row (on my toes).  

Here are my pictures from December:

And here are my January pictures taken this morning:

I don't see that much difference.  Which is to be expected.  My side picture looks like my butt got bigger (it could just be the light), which I'm totally fine with- I keep having to explain to my mom that big butts are "in" right now.  

I'm about 0.5 pounds heavier on January 1st then I was on December 1st, but over the month I have lost 3 inches from my body.  

For the month of December:

Progress Report:

Recent lifts/workout feats that come to mind-
Back Extension hold- 1:40
Plank hold- 2:10
Box jumps- back on the 20" box!  
Sleep- getting plenty and still waking up before my alarm most days
Standing all day at work
Water consumption- fair
Supplements- really focused on vitamin D this month, and hope to continue that

How did I do on my mini-goals?  Fair I'd say.  The month started out well, and then just kinda fell off a cliff.  December challenge buddy had a lot going on, so I think we only managed 2 updates.  I was much better this month about taking supplements, I really think vitamin D is key here in NW winters.  

Oh, I did do my push-ups this morning, and on December 1st, I did 17 uninterrupted push-ups on my toes.  Today, I did 20. 

Goals for January:
Focus on getting back to a clean paleo diet- too many things have been slowly creeping back in (dark chocolate, nuts, corn chips, etc.)
Drink 1 gallon of water/day
Weekend at home kettlebell workouts with the new toy
Continue with Fish oil/vitamin D supplements

Ready, set, GO!  Here's to another great year filled with love, laughter, fitness, good food, family, friends, and success!