Thursday, January 26, 2012

235- Squats and Ribs

Two of my favorite things.  Today we tried yet again for our 30 rep max back squat.  Walking into the gym I was still wrecked from Monday and Tuesday, so I was wondering if I should attempt to go heavier than the last time I tried.  Of course I did, and I got a new PR for my 30 rep max back squat- 125#.  

It took everything I had to do the last 5, I could feel every muscle in my body fighting under the bar to stand up.  I'm glad I went heavier, and I'm glad I did the WOD, because afterwards, all my soreness vanished, and I felt great.  

I returned to work feeling good, and replenished my depleted glycogen stores with delicious ribs saved from yesterday's catered lunch!  My idea of a perfect day!  

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