Sunday, January 29, 2012

232- Crossroads

After two months of no weight loss, and one month of zero inches lost, I've come to a crossroads. I can continue to do what I am currently doing and hope that this plateau passes soon, or I can change what I'm doing in hopes of surprising my body and hope that I break through this plateau.  

In light of the video I posted yesterday, and my seemingly endless plateau,  I'm opting to change things up.  Before you get too excited,  please know that I do not plan on letting grains, sugar, legumes, or dairy into my diet with this change up.  I'm going to make my diet more nutrient focused, by adding more supplements (higher quality fish oil, amino acids, vitamins, etc.) changing my eating patterns to less food more often, and changing the patterns in which I eat macro nutrient groups (alternating protein + veg with fruit + fat etc.) for the goal of keeping my body guessing.

Numerous studies have been done about how bodies like to find homeostasis.  For someone trying to shed excess pounds, homeostasis is about the worst thing that can happen.  It means that a body has adjusted to whatever food/exercise regimen its been given, and is now resting comfortably.  Bodies love to do this.  That is why plateaus exist, and why we are always told to keep our bodies guessing.  

February will be all about shake up.  I'm going to kick my body out of homeostasis and show it that there is still work to be done!   


  1. Hmmm...interesting. I'm in the same place - an annoying plateau. Your post really makes sense - if something isn't working - change it up! Looking forward to reading how you get on...might follow your footsteps!

  2. Yeah you are! Keep me updated on how you're feeling!