Monday, January 16, 2012

245- My Day in Photos


It kinda sucks that today is one of those holidays that everyone else gets except me, but also it means the roads are even more clear.  

What goes better with snow than bacon?  NOTHING.

Idea courtesy of NomNom Paleo


  1. I'm at work too! Blah!! And we barely have any snow left (not that we got lots to start with).

    On the green tea, I suggest finding a flavored one that you like. Mint green tea is much better than regular green tea. I like Stash's Moroccan Mint Green Tea in particular.

  2. Oh wow!! That snow is gorgeous! Could you send some to Ireland please?

  3. "Oh yeah, and if I consume something containing added sugar/grains/legumes, the year starts over." Shouldnt you have started your year over a few times now? :)

    Youre doing a great job by the way! Especially with the weight lifting!

  4. I've started my year over two times now. The first time I was 8 day in, the second I was 100 days in. Thanks for looking out for me.