Monday, January 2, 2012

259- Paleo Waffle Review

Today is my last day off four days off work.  It has been fantastically relaxing, I've managed to get so much done around the house, and actually feel ready to go back to work tomorrow!  In honor of my final day home, I decided to search out something exciting and different to make for breakfast.  I really thought waffles sounded good, but doubted my ability to find some sort of grain-free, added sugar-free recipe.

Enter reason 1,327 of why I love the internet.  After about a half-second search, I found this beauty on Marks Daily Apple:

Primal Blueprint Recipe: Coconut Pancakes/Waffles from Adam Kayce on Vimeo.

Normally, when I go searching for a recipe and click on the one that looks most appealing, and I get a 'video' of how its done, I get super annoyed and click back.  Since this was a post on MDA, I felt that was a pretty good reference, so I watched.  This guy was actually mildly amusing.  He really had me at "entire can of coconut milk."  And he's not lying.  These are for people that love coconut.  If coconut is not your thing, sorry, and ha ha, you are MISSING OUT.  

If you don't want to watch the video, just fast forward to the last 10 seconds, the recipe is posted.  The instructions are simple- mix everything together.  I omitted the cinnamon.  Also, they need longer cooking time then regular pancakes/ waffles.  One thing I also learned is that they don't expand like traditional waffle recipes, so make sure you fill each square with batter- a lot of the batter is liquid, which evaporates (contributing to the non-expansion), and you are left with a rich, crispy treat.

It tasted so good, I almost forgot to take a pic.  I topped with grass-fed butter and sugarless preserves.  This is definitely not an every-weekend type of thing, once a month maybe?  They are very rich, suitable for a guilt free special occasion treat!  This recipe makes quite a bit of batter, so I might try the batter out as pancakes tomorrow.  

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  1. That looks delicious, thanks for sharing the recipe. I'll have to try them this weekend :)

    - Desperate Student