Monday, January 23, 2012

238- Snowmaggedon, Denver, Exhale

Pretty much immediately after my post last week, snowmaggedon hit Seattle.  Unfortunately, I missed the majority of the excitement due to a business trip to Denver.  Between the snow and preparations for the presentation I had to give at a meeting in front of my grand-boss (my boss' boss) and great-grand boss (boss' boss' boss) I had no time to spend here updating you.  

Denver was awesome.  I arrived late on Wednesday (my flight was delayed out of Seattle) and had a meeting all day Thursday.  My presentation went well.  I happy that it is getting easier for me to speak in front of intimidating groups, and I believe feeling better about my body has a lot to do with that.  A few observations I made during/at the meeting: 1) sitting all day hurts my tailbone- funny I never noticed that before when I did actually sit all day, 2) the people that ate muffins and pastries at breakfast were practically chewing their hands off by lunch time- blood sugar spikes anyone? 

After my meeting, I was "free" to explore the city as my mom flew out to meet me, and we were staying until Sunday.  The weather in Denver was superb!  60's and sunny the whole time.  I didn't even need a jacket!  I had a headache the entire time I was there that I just couldn't shake, no matter how much water I drank, and then I remembered that it was the mile high city.  

My eating during the trip was the best it could have been, and when I weighed myself this am, I was 2.5 pounds less then I was before I went.  It was funny watching my mom eat oatmeal with sides of toast for breakfast, and complain about her "vacation bloat" while I was eating bacon and avocado omlettes and feeling great.  

I have been coffee free now for two full weeks, and I'm feeling fine!  I start drinking water sooner, and drink more throughout the day.  I plan on keeping this up indefinitely, but I'm sure eventually it will find its way back to my morning because I live in Seattle, and I like it.  

Today was my first day back at crossfit in nearly a week, and I felt it.  I did however perform 18 ground to overheads at 95 pounds, 36 weighted sit-ups, 54 weighted back extensions, and 72 star jumps.  Eventually I was glad I went.  Just not right away.  

Things are calming down now, so back to the regular program.  Pheeeewwww. 


  1. That's fantastic! It's so true about the blood sugar spikes as well - I still get hungry but it's more of a 'I could do with some lunch' rather than 'Hand over the sandwich and nobody gets hurt!'.

  2. I liked what somebody at The Stranger called it, "snowmagoodness." :)

    Also, coffee, in Seattle, is, as Linda Barry termed it, "anti-suicide juice." We don't have enough sunshine to keep us energized and happy, otherwise. So don't feel too guilty if you go back to it.

    I have recently been experiencing the tailbone phenomenon, too. We're just not designed to sit all day at a semi-normal weight or below, I guess.

    Fantastic job on vacation eating! I admire that level of commitment.