Tuesday, August 31, 2010

6.7 Billion

I know it may be boring, and sometimes downright obsessive, but right now my main focus is getting my insulin response in check. In order to regulate my body's insulin, and find its 'normal' I have undergone what some may consider a drastic change in diet. Due to the many weird looks I get from friends when they see what I'm eating, or they read my blog and want to know more, I talk about my plan and what I eat a lot. The most common thing I hear is "wow, I could never do that, that's so restrictive!"

At first it bothered me that people were so quick to dismiss it, and immediately apply it to themselves (um, this isn't about you!). I'm not telling anyone about my diet because I want them to do it also, I tell people because its the best thing I've ever done for myself. I continue to be shocked and amazed by my body, and what eating the right foods (or the wrong foods) for me can do.

Now, it bothers me because its simply not true. My diet is not restrictive. Imagine a smoker saying to a person that quit to be more healthy: yeah, I would do that, but its just too restrictive! Ok, extreme and unlikely comparison, since cigarettes are not necessary to live, but it's along the same lines. I was partaking in the consumption of foods that were over the top horrible for me, and to some extent addictive. I cut them out because of the effect they had on ME. But really, I only see it as ONE thing that I cut out of my life...the foods that have adverse insulin effects on me. Cutting one thing out of my life is not restrictive, by my standards at least. There are people that can have an occasional cigarette and not get addicted. There are people who are addicted after their first cigarette. That is the beauty of human nature! 6.7 billion of us, and we are all different.

The same theme applies for how someone decides to apply the 'paleo' lifestyle. My boyfriend saw me sprinkle some sea-salt onto my veggies. He looked at me with those "is that paleo?" eyes and I said, "this is my paleo. I went for a run, a sweated a shit ton, and now I need salt." I think its normal to want rules, and blanket stuff under what's right and what's wrong, but the problem with that is that its different for each person.

As Tony, the Anti-Jared said in his post today: "What works for you will not work for me. What works for me will not work for you."

So, what works for you?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Practicing Re-entry

As events take place in my life that I feel are worthy of noting or blogging about, I find myself instantly forming blog posts in my head. Over the past 3 days, I have had what feels like 10 posts finger-ready. In short, I don't know where to begin since I didn't just take the time to write each post as I thought of it.

I do want to start out by saying last week was by far my least "Paleo" week since June 1st. I would say that up until last week, I was approximately 96% paleo. Last week? I would say I was 80%. Still not bad, by any means, but its very hard to wrap my head around going from 96% to 80% and not feeling like I wasn't cheating/failing/stuck in a rut.

All I wanted to do was eat, and for no apparent reason. I knew I was eating mindlessly...like as I ate an ENTIRE bag of Trader Joes dried mango for lunch one day. I knew I was full from the Chinese take-out that the boyfriend brought home, but I kept eating a few bites here and there because I had already f-ed up by eating as much as I did, and who knows when I'm going to eat this crap again, so I might as well make myself sick! I decided to send my cousin a care package with cute cupcakes not because I'm nice, but because I wanted to have a few licks of cake batter! WTF?!

Where had my lack of cravings gone? Where had my satiated feeling gone? Why was my nose running, and eyes watery? I was afraid to step on the scale and see the damage. I estimated I could have easily gained 4 pounds from my week of insanity. And then something changed. On Saturday I woke up, ate a good paleo bacon and avocado breakfast, and refused to stop moving until bed time. I worked in the yard, knocking mortar off free bricks we picked up on the side of the road. I then stacked 153 bricks into neat piles. I cleaned. I got all set to ride my bike a few miles down the road and get a pedicure, but then I got an invite to a friends house. I decided to ride my bike to their house instead.

This was pretty out of character for me. I normally reserved biking for planned exercise rides, or for taking care of necessary errands if the boyfriend had the car. Using a bike as a means to get around for other things? Odd, but really, something I should do MORE of. I knew I would be riding home in the dark, and dug around for my lights. I became so excited for this adventure. I think because I was pushing myself to do something out of the ordinary. When I returned home I felt amazing (and was hoping the two beers I had that night didn't mess up my already f-ed weigh in for the week. HA!)

On Sunday, I braved the scale. I actually weighed less than I did last Monday (after my wine/pizza/condo fire weekend). That inspired me to make the most of Sunday, hoping to have an even better weigh in on Monday (today). So again, I ate a good paleo breakfast. I got a pedicure. I went for a KICK-ASS run. For the first time in a long time, I experienced that "floating" feeling as I ran. Then, about 30 minutes after my run when I was sitting on the couch, I felt absolutely euphoric. I can't remember the last time I felt so good. I proceeded to make an incredible dinner...I had steak marinating for 24 hours that I cooked off, I caramelized some onions, and made fajitas. The kicker? I used tortillas. It was just the right thing to do, and I don't even feel bad about it, because seriously, that meal was the best thing I've ever tasted.

This morning I weighed in, and I was the same as Sunday. So, slightly less than last Monday, but slightly more than my low 2 weeks ago. It makes me very happy to know that I can have a week of 80% paleo and basically maintain. To me, that is practicing for when I'm done losing this weight, and need to be a little more flexible with my choices.

I do think that for me, eating paleo is going to be a forever choice. I may have to test that theory a few more times as I go along, but eventually I think I will get to a place where the ill-effects of eating grains, sugar, and dairy just aren't worth it. When I'm eating paleo and exercising, I like the way I feel, I like the way I look, and that is going to win over carbs, beer, cake batter, and tortillas MOST of the time and eventually, ALL of the time.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Camping Can Proceed!

I'm a planner. Sometimes this is a great thing, and sometimes it is not. Occasionally I get accused of not being spontaneous enough, or not being 'fun.' Well, in terms of keeping my sanity and my health, there are certain things that I can't simply leave up to chance. I like to know where I'm sleeping. If I don't plan my meals, I eat crappy. I like to know I will be getting exercise. I have to plan in order to make time for all the things I deem necessary.

The planner in me especially comes out when my boyfriend and I decide to take a late summer (ok, fall) camping trip. I research campsites. I find hikes to take, sights to see. I think about the s'mores we will be making. Errrrrt....! Back-up. S'mores? I can't have s'mores! Marshmallows, chocolate, and graham cracker is not Paleo. Camping is not camping without s'mores. What to do...what to do. Even more then I like planning, I like problem-solving.

On Tuesday, I picked up the most bad-ass backyard fire-pit known to man. It's so awesome. Its not one of those round flying saucer dealies with the mesh screen over the top that everyone has. Its a 5' cast iron bullet, weighing close to 100 pounds? I didn't get a pic of it, but you'll just have to trust me, its tits.

Last night we decided to break in the firepit. The boyfriend mentioned something about practicing for camping.

Ding...time to test out my (almost) paleo s'mores.

I got an idea to slice banana into marshmallow looking shapes, and roast them.

I then placed the warm banana on top of a chunk of near-pure chocolate (Scharffen-Berger 70%). No graham cracker.

Definitely a success. Camping can proceed!

Despite efforts this week, my eating has been derailed everyday by some non-paleo food. I know this started with me not making my breakfast for the entire week on Sunday. I decided to just 'wing it' and that has proven to be a bad decision. I'm not going to dwell on it or beat myself up over it, I just know that if I want to feel my best, look my best, and perform my best, I must continue to stay focused, and eat good fuel. Today is a new day!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Weekend Downfalls

Yesterday was rough. I could not get my body to find normal. I tried eating well, but eating only made me feel worse. I drank lots of water, and just hoped that I would feel better soon. Today is better. I did not wake up sniffly, and I've only sneezed once compared to yesterday, where by this time, I was at 10+ sneezes. Zzzzz- are you still with me? Sheesh I just bored the crap out of myself.

Onto the damage:

Bacon wrapped dates. I couldn't get this item out of my head since having a bacon wrapped date for the first time 2 weeks ago. I also knew I had all the ingredients at home. A hangover was just the excuse I needed to make these (of course after I had a breakfast of eggs and bacon).

Blackberry/White Nectarine Cobbler. We have an abundance of ripe blackberries creeping over into our yard from the neighbors. They call to me every morning, as their sweet smell fills the back yard. On Sunday, I finally grabbed a bowl, picked them all (don't want them to go to waste) and what could be more paleo then picking/harvesting the things around you? I threw the blackberries together with some nectarines I bought earlier, some cinnamon, a little honey, and made a topping with almond flour/egg/coconut oil/cinnamon/walnuts (I forgot to snap a photo of the finished product).

Marinated 1/4 chicken (from bf's work) with cauliflower roasted in bacon grease, covered in pesto (I cook bacon on a wire rack on top of a roasting pan in the oven, the bacon gets nice and cooked, and drippings fall below). I simple drained some excess grease off the roasting pan, but left enough to coat cauliflower, threw the cauliflower on the pan with some pepper, and roasted for 20 minutes. It was good, but I really think it was THIS item that did me in for Monday. I can't even think about cauliflower today without my stomach turning.

So yeah...on their own, these items may not have caused so much trouble. All together, bad news. I still have bacon wrapped dates and berry cobbler in the fridge that I can't even look at. Boyfriend better eat them, because I will not be!

I started my day today with a Larabar and a nectarine. I have a nice salad with chicken for lunch. Dinner...not sure yet, but maybe another salad with some form of protein. I'm going to sneak a quick run in after work, since this morning I needed to sleep. Hopefully by tomorrow, I will be back to 100%

Monday, August 23, 2010


I almost forgot what it was like to wake up sniffly and sneeze repeatedly throughout the day until yesterday. So, lets see here...up until 3 days ago, I was breathing freely and sneezing maybe once or twice a day? What could have possibly happened, or what changed in the last 3 days?

Oh, right! Eating pizza twice, drinking a bottle(?) of wine, and ingesting preservatives (contained in pepperoni on said pizza)! So I'm not crazy. Eating only meat, veggies, fruits and nuts DID significantly control my allergies. A break from that diet results in allergies returning. Ok, body, I get it!

What is even more mind boggling to me, is that they way I feel right now could have been my previous normal good feeling! I feel like crap. I can't wait to get whatever it is out of my system over the next few days and go back to feeling how I should feel. There was a slight gain on the scale today, which was to be expected, however I have a feeling once the allergies die down, the weight will come off as well.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Roof is on Fiya!

Yesterday at work, just as 3:00pm rolled around, and I realized I was over work for the week...I was granted a break? I received a phone call that the condo building I used to live in was on fire! I am still an owner of a unit (I rent it out) and am on the homeowners association board (secretary). My day quickly turned from blah, to OMG! Fire!

This is a shot one of the 1,000 hovering helicopters took of the action.

I left work a little early, drove to the condo site to give support to the other board members on site, and was greeted by a party. Wine...snacks...firemen...Things deteriorated quickly. I was having a great time however, drank wine like I should drink water, and passed the time as the locksmith and other various investigators worked in the best way possible. There were people working on the building until 11pm. I got to the building at 5:30...yeah, I was not in a state to make good decisions. Somehow pizza got ordered. I had some. Pizza?! Two days this week!

Needless to say, I'm not expecting any sort of loss this week. For a night of wine with girls and pizza? I'm ok with that. I know what I need to do to get back on track. I know as long as I don't keep allowing these events to become frequent, I will be ok.

I spent a good chunk of today digging in the yard. I've cured my hangover with bacon. No one was hurt. The building will be fine. Life is good.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Quest for Normalcy

Every week or so, there seems to be a buzz word in the health/weightloss blogosphere. Maybe "buzzword" is the wrong description...theme? Is it possible that we all subconsciously influence each other, and therefore tend to experience and blog about things at the same time?

I have been struggling for two days to formulate a blog post about "being normal" as far as making healthful food choices, and not eating in excess. This spurs from Wednesday night, as I tried something different. I didn't have a plan for dinner. I wasn't hungry when I got home from work, so I didn't make anything. The boyfriend and I ran out to take care of some errands, and before I knew it, it was 8:30pm, I was hungry, and nowhere near my kitchen. Even worse? Pizza sounded SO good. So we went to a nice pizza place. We split a small 10" pizza (I had 2 pieces, he had 4) and that was that. For a split second, I felt "normal". I entered a pizza place, split the smallest size available, and was absolutely satisfied. (shortly thereafter, I felt like crap from ingesting grains, but that is a whole 'nother beast).

My initial thoughts on this experience were forgiving. I am human. Nobody expects me to eat Paleo 100% of the time (although, I would be so much better off if I could). Then I felt angry that I couldn't just eat pizza without it being such a big effing deal. Because, in my head, being able to eat whatever I want without gaining weight is NORMAL. Seriously. This is how I have always thought, and it seemed to be proven over and over by my thin friends. My perception of "normal" is wrong. Well, not entirely wrong, just under construction.

The biggest selling point for me to start down the Paleo path was the idea that I could be allergic to certain things (such as gluten, dairy, legumes, etc.) and not even know it. Somehow having an allergy or even fooling myself into thinking I had an allergy to all the items I was removing from my diet made it easier. If I had an allergy this whole time, that would explain why I couldn't just eat what I wanted to, and make it easy for me to turn down all the foods offered to me. With an allergy, people are forced to find a "new normal" because they absolutely can not partake in everything that others can. For me, and allergy would be convenient scapegoat, rather then facing what is the real problem.

I have (had?) a messed up definition of normal, and poor perception of how I am affected by food, what foods I need, and what amounts I need. If my perception of normal and these food events is wrong, then I can't possibly feel the right thing at the right time. The human mind has an incredible ability to distort facts based on what we think we see, what we want to see, previous experiences, and a whole myriad of other reasons. Perception is what makes us individuals.

So I must figure out how to be an individual, which I'm pretty sure is what 86% of thin people have already figured out way before me. What I can eat, what I can't eat, how much, etc. Each of us is different, there is no blanket "normal" that suits a large group. There is only one normal. Mine.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wanting is Better Then Having

One of my very favorite people on the face of the earth once said to me "Violet. Wanting is so much better then having." I fully disagreed at the moment, but for whatever reason, could not get those words out of my head for weeks. I mean, it was applicable to so many aspects of my life. Eventually, I conceded and agreed. Wanting is better then having.

It is especially funny to me to think back over the years to all the things I think I wanted, or even the things I really did want. Sure enough, the drive, the anticipation, the yearning, the waiting, was the best part. Different boys I had feelings for, "dream" jobs, a dog, a house, cookies, etc.! Once I had them I instantly took them for granted and wanted more. I feel like I'm always in a constant state of wanting something. I'm embarrassed that I could easily rattle off 50 things that I think I NEED right now, things I want that I perceive will make my life "better."

I'm not going to bore you with sunshine and rainbows about how all my basic needs are met, blah, blah, blah and I just need to be happy with what I have. Because, lets face it, its human nature (maybe cultural...) to always be wanting. What I want (heh) to know is; Is this going to be the best part of my journey? The quest to reach a place I have wanted to be for so long? When I get there, am I going to take it for granted and immediately begin wanting something else? Probably.

One thing I have noticed is the importance of separating the healthy wants from the fleeting wants. Healthy wants stick around for awhile and are usually items that a person views have great importance, (for me, things like: a college degree, a job, a dog, etc.), and I changed life habits in order to obtain these wants. Confidence, fulfillment, and intelligence are by-products of obtaining a healthy want. Fleeting wants, (for me, things like: designer jeans, cupcakes, straight hair, etc.) go completely unnoticed once obtained. No real effort is made to achieve these things, perhaps shelling out money, and nothing is gained, except thirst for more things.

Wanting is not a bad thing. Failing to recognize that the time spent wanting, and the sacrifices made for the want is a bad thing. Life, after all, is time spent wanting.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Skinny Jeans, 3 Pounds, and Near Heat Exhaustion

What possibly could these items have in common? They sum up my weekend, although not necessarily in that order:

Friday- I was the only one in the office all day, and naturally that led me begin my weekend a little bit early. I decided to hit the mall on the way home with a set list of staples I need to add to my wardrobe. Jeans was top priority since I mentioned before that I could now remove one pair of jeans without unbuttoning them. I really love it when jewliagoulia and exhotgirl do shopping/dressing room photos, so I took a page from their books, and did my own. I made a pact with myself before going that I could only spend $100, and everything that I bought had to be on sale. Oh, and from now on, I'm only buying quality clothes...no more Old Navy or Target (sans workout clothes) for me. After a short stint in Victoria's Secret, and Banana Republic, I was at $80 spent- no jeans yet (but 5 new undies, a cardigan, and a skirt!). So I walked into trusty ole GAP and was disappointed to see no jeans on sale. I tried these on:
Straight leg jeans...I'm really attached to boot cut, but straight/skinny jeans are everywhere. I was kinda "meh" about these, especially at the $69.50 price tag! I walked out, and was headed home, but then Ann Taylor Loft caught my eye. I headed for the sale rack, found a pair of jeans on sale, then walked more around the store to find a whole slew of jeans at $20 off! $20 off $59! A whole $30 cheaper than GAP. So I tried on a pair of "skinny jeans" expecting to hate them. Here they are:
I liked them! They were like a constant leg-hug. I decided to get them, even though it would put me at $20 over budget.

Record breaking heat was forecasted for the weekend, so I made sure to wake up early on Saturday and get my run in before the heat struck. I had a really nice hill run, I felt light and strong the whole way. It was 8:30am and already 80 degrees. For Seattle, this is rare...from the time I got back from my run until 6pm, I was moving (read: sweating) non-stop. Grocery shopping, dishes, laundry, vacuuming, errands, 4 hours of yard work at the condo, and a bbq (I was cooking, read: sweating more). By 7pm I was spent. I took the nicest shower of my life, and proceeded to zone out in front of the TV watching Arrested Development re-runs. Despite the weariness, I felt awesome. I also think I drank nearly a full gallon of water during the day.

Sunday I was not able to get my run in early (in-law visit). The temperature was supposed to be even hotter than Saturday's 92 degrees. I headed out for my run as soon as I could 1:30pm...wearing very little clothing. It was an interval workout day, so I headed to the High School track, a perfect 5 minute jog from my house. I was figuring in my head that the hottest time of day in Seattle is 5pm, so I should still be ok...it was maybe 85 out? I ran one lap around the track (I was planning on 5) and wow, it was hot. I started on my second lap, and something told me I should stop. So I spend the next 20 minutes running/walking just listening to my body as far as how much to push. I ran the whole 5 minutes home, and felt odd as I lay on the floor under the ceiling fan. I didn't start sweating until I was under the fan for at least 5 minutes. Normally that would be the time I stop sweating...not start. Oops. I drank a bunch of water, and felt better after 30 minutes or so (I was still sweating after 30 minutes of rest). When I turned on the news later, I discovered it was well over 90 degrees at 1pm. Oops.

This morning I woke up to a three pound loss. It is entirely possible that I sweated off 3 pounds this weekend alone in 90+ temperatures. Whatever. Three pounds is three pounds!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Forget Food Regrets

We've all done this...eaten something and then for whatever reason, chastised ourselves for eating said food. Without really recognizing it, this has been a pet peeve of mine for some time. I think mostly because I come from a family of people that eat food, only to immediately go on and on and on about how "bad" for them it was, or how they shouldn't have eat "that" or "that much". Just thinking about it makes my muscles tense up like I'm hearing fingers on a chalk board.

First off, in order for me (or anyone) to have put the food in their mouth, I (we) must have wanted it. So, if I really wanted it, and I enjoyed it, why should I beat myself up for it? That's what I never understood about my family. I mean, clearly they wanted to eat the food, they did, but then all of a sudden they didn't? WTF. It is mind-bogglingly confusing. Until it hit me...its just feigned regret based on what we perceive is wrong. If it was true regret, it certainly wouldn't be repeated as often.

In life, we always have choices. Can you imagine a world where everyone regretted every decision they made? It would be mayhem, not to mention incredibly annoying. It took me a long time to stop feigning regret over certain foods I ate, or quantities. Instead, I continued to work on my actions until I got to a place where I was no longer putting the foods into my body that would cause me to feel bad.

Surprisingly, letting go of regret allows me to truly enjoy whatever I want, less frequently, instead of many instances of limited enjoyment followed by regret.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

No Fish in the Microwave

You know what I love? When one of my co-workers puts fish leftovers in the office microwave to re-heat and eat for lunch. Besides the awesome smell that fills the office, hallway outside the office, and universe, it makes whatever the next person (always me) chooses to microwave taste like fish. How is there not a "no fish in the microwave" law yet?

So, anyone want to guess what I had for lunch today? If you guessed fish air with a side of Larabar, you're right! Even when I drink water out of my Starbucks sippy cup, it tastes like fish water. Yes, I'm a little ornery today. Some people that know me might be like "today?"

I think I'll take advantage of this and post all the things that are bugging me at the moment with the hopes of getting them off my chest, and hopefully away for good:

-Its sunny out. (I want to be outside)
-It smells like dead rotting fish in here.
-My boss asking me questions he already knows the answers to...like a trap.
-Watching my co-worker apply for new jobs. Most likely all the same ones I just applied for.
-I got a new computer (tower only) and have zero desire/know-how to best transfer everything I need from this one to that one.
-My computer is so effing slow.
-I can't seem to drink water fast enough. Oh, yeah, it tastes like fish, I nearly forgot.
-The boss' wife's ring tone.
-So thirsty.
-Its 3pm and not 4:58pm

Ah. A little better. Most likely because once I write all the things out, I see how silly they are. Except for the fish in the microwave thing. Ok. I'm over it now, I promise.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Familiar Territory

I realized yesterday after chatting with a few friends that I completely overlooked something important in all my excitement of 35 pounds lost. I'm back at a place I have been a few times before. I'm back at my previous old "high" weight. I have lost weight from this point at least 2 times before, most likely 3, because I don't know what my high weight was in college before I got down to my all time adult low. In a sense its almost comforting?

For awhile, when I was struggling at weights 20, 30, even 35 pounds higher than this, I can remember wanting nothing more than to be where I am now...because this is what I know. I know how to lose weight from here. What a change that thinking is from the very first time I saw this number on the scale!

In 2003 I had my annual doctor's appointment, and I stepped on the scale fully clothed, to see the number I'm at now. I was shocked, but immediately wrote it off as "my heavy clothes." I began running regularly again, eating less, and quickly dropped 15 pounds. Slowly the weight crept back on. In 2005, I found myself at this number again. Fortunately, I worked mornings at a gym and had a free membership. I enlisted a friend to help keep me on track, and we had a "health competition." Again, I lost 17 pounds quickly and was pretty happy. A series of routine-changing events (bought a condo far from my gym, got a chef boyfriend, got a desk job where food was what we sold...)aided in not only the 17 pounds coming back, but much, much, more.

2010, here I am again. I vow that this will be the last time I ever have to lose weight from this point. The difficulty of carrying that weight is fresh in my mind, and I want to document it in words so I can come back here when I need to get myself back in line. This place I'm at right now...although I was so excited to get here from 35 pounds ago, is not a final spot for me. I will be just as happy to see it go as I did to see it come.

The serenity I feel now through my new way of eating makes this time around much more enjoyable than before. I feel so much more in control, sustainable, knowledgeable, powerful. I can't wait for what new things lurk around the corner for me. I don't know what they are, but I can tell they are going to be good.

Monday, August 9, 2010

New Shirt, Belt.... Who Am I?

In case you didn't notice, I lost another pound this week, bringing me to 35 POUNDS LOST since I started this blog/journey/whatever you want to call it. For some reason, 35 pounds just all of a sudden, sounds like A LOT. It sounds so much more than 30, or even 34! I am grateful and proud of myself beyond belief.

However, I think I have been desensitized to how much weight is a lot to lose by things like the Biggest Loser, and Jenny Craig ads, etc. I mean, seriously, I would not be amazed at all if a contestant on the Biggest Loser lost 35 pounds in the 12 weeks they are there. Even though that is TOTALLY healthy and a huge accomplishment. Now, if a contestant loses 35 pounds in one week, I'm jumping up and down cheering. I will be the first one to point out how effed up this is. Gotta love America, right?

So, to celebrate my victory I pulled out a shirt from my closet that I bought on super sale at least 3 years ago, if not more. It still had the tags on it. Its a simple green Calvin Klein t-shirt with huge black flowers printed all over it. When I bought it I thought, well, its so cheap, if it doesn't fit, oh, well. It didn't fit. I have tried it on periodically over the past couple of years, to see if maybe I was mistaken and it did fit? Nope. Well, I'm wearing it today. I'm also wearing a belt I haven't worn in over 4 years because the jeans I'm wearing I can take off without unbuttoning, or unzipping them. Yes, it might be time for new jeans.

I was craving junk food something fierce the other night. Not so much a craving, but just more wanted to rebel and do something "bad" (sabotage?). I've mentioned before how I use eating as a way to feel some adrenaline or endorphins because some foods are 'bad' and I shouldn't eat them. Luckily there was nothing in the house that could do any damage to my plan, so I whipped up this delicious (and healthy!) snack:

Into my Cuisinart went:
5 dates (pitted)
1/4 cup unsweetened organic coconut
3 tbsp. unsweetened organic cocoa powder

I blended these ingredients real well, then added 1/4 cup shelled walnut halves. I pulsed the mixture until the nuts were chopped, but still big enough to see.

I dumped the contents of the Cuisinart out onto some wax paper, and squished and molded the goo till it held together nicely, and formed it into a rectangle brick. I cut it in half, wrapped up the rest, and enjoyed my dense, chocolatey, sweet treat. It did the trick!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Running + Skirt = obscene

Yesterday I took my newly purchased running skirt out for a test run. I mean, yesterday I showed the entire neighborhood my ass, running. After I tried the skirt on, I thought it was a tad short, but I convinced myself that my judgment was wrong because I haven't worn shorts in a long time. Three steps into my run, I realized I had forgot to account for the bouncing that occurs while running. I had also forgotten to account for the fact that my large derriere might make the skirt slightly shorter in the back.

A few things I had going for me in the sense that less people may have been out and about then normal was 1) it was raining, and 2) it was Seafair weekend. So I jogged along, trying to get comfortable with the thought of just how short my skirt was by assuming no body was around. I figured I would take off streets to further reduce my chance of people encounters, and cut my run short if I couldn't stop thinking about my skirt.

I liked how light-weight, and non-restrictive the skirt was. It was like I was wearing nothing. Well, technically, if you saw me from behind, you might think I was wearing nothing. The skirt has little biking shorts underneath, but they are too short to provide very much coverage, but long enough to fool you that they do provide coverage when you are still inside your house, not bouncing. Anyway, rain rolled off the skirt like water off a ducks back. I'm not ready to give up on the running skirt idea yet...I might just have to find a longer one? Or wait till I lose a little more of my behind to wear this one again?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm a Cliche, I Know,

Yesterday, something odd happened. I came to work, ate my breakfast as normal, had a pretty busy day, and by 4 o'clock I realized that the only thing I had eaten for 'lunch' was 1/2 of an apple and some almond butter. The apple was the size of a baby's head, but still.

So I started thinking about this event. Perhaps I need to jump on the 'intuitive eating' bus. Lol (that's me laughing at me being a cliche rather than the practices of intuitive eating). I think there is a lot to be said about listening to your body versus eating out of routine, boredom, whatever. I also think that I wouldn't have been able to practice any sort of intuitive eating had it not been for me eliminating all the foods that were causing problems inside me. Now that I have my insulin spikes under control, perhaps I am in a better position to accurately gauge what my body really needs?

Maybe I need to re-adjust my brain/eyes/ideas about what is the right amount of food for me to be eating. I already know that I eat way less food then prior to Paleo. However, I don't really pay much attention to myself during the process of eating. Could I be stopping sooner? Can I go longer between meals? I guess I can add this to the list of experiments I will be putting my body through.

I went to Target the day before yesterday and got myself one of those cute little running skirts. Target has some adorable workout clothes right now. I also walked away with 2 new tanks, and an awesome tie-dyed sports bra. I haven't had a chance to hit the streets in my new duds yet. I'm anxious to see if the running skirt lives up to all the hype...I keep seeing rave reviews for them. Unqualified product review coming soon!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Pesto Post

Not long ago, one thing I thought would be a challenge while eating Paleo long term was boredom. I have not been bored once in the past two months (with food that is). There is an infinite number of combination's to be had when eating only meat, vegetables, fruit, and healthy fats. I'm merely scratching the surface.

On Sunday, while in the grocery store doing my weekly shopping, I saw a plastic tub of basil leaves on sale. I immediately thought "PESTO!" Pesto is Paleo...as long as I omit the Parmesan cheese. So I grabbed the basil, and threw it into my basket.

Last night, I cooked up this gem:

All natural pork- pork chop topped with fresh basil pesto, and oven roasted carrots (skin on) on the side. I literally ate every scrap of meat off the bone. And possibly used my finger to scrape up the remaining green goo on the plate. And possibly ate a second pork chop with more pesto. The picture does no justice, because the vibrant green of the pesto was not captured.

Fresh Basil Pesto (Paleo-style)

3 small cloves garlic
2 good sized hand fulls of fresh basil leaves
1/4 cup sliced almonds
1/4-1/3 cup olive oil
lemon juice

In a food processor, toss in garlic, basil, almonds, a dash of salt, and a few grinds of pepper. Blend until everything is finely minced and incorporated. Turn on food processor and slowly stream in olive oil until a nice creamy pesto consistency forms. You may use less olive oil, you may use more. Add the juice from one lemon, blend more, and taste. Adjust the seasonings/ingredients to your liking. Be prepared for a shock of fresh tasting YUM.

I have big plans for this pesto...its not only good on top of pork chops, but I'm thinking a cauliflower-pesto salad would be delicious, as well as pesto stuffed chicken breasts, pesto topped turkey burgers or using some of the pesto to make a pesto salad dressing...you get the idea. The options are infinite, not to mention incredibly delicious, natural, and so easy.

With food like this, why, why, why!?!?! Did I ever treat my body so poorly before?

Oh, and there was the briefest...tiniest....segment on the news last night about a new study out showing that low-carb diets are just as effective (if not more) as low fat diets at reducing cholesterol and improving HDL's. That's because there has never been any real proof that lowering fat has a link to cholesterol (read Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes)! Glad they are finally getting the real truth out there...albeit slowly.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Paleo; Month 2 Re-cap

Yesterday, August 1st marked month 2 of Paleo for me. Here is my head shot from July 1st:

And here is my head shot from yesterday, August 1st:

Since July 1st, I have lost 6 pounds. Making my total weight loss since starting Paleo 18 pounds! Considering that I have lost 34 pounds since January, over half of my weight loss has occurred in the past 2 months.

Last week I got so incredibly busy at work, I sort of dropped off after announcing my challenge to exercise 120 minutes a day until August 31st. Imagine that, work getting in the way of my blogging...how DARE it?!

Anyway, I've been keeping up my pledge but barely. Of course work and life would go insane when I need more time to myself. What can you do?