Saturday, August 7, 2010

Running + Skirt = obscene

Yesterday I took my newly purchased running skirt out for a test run. I mean, yesterday I showed the entire neighborhood my ass, running. After I tried the skirt on, I thought it was a tad short, but I convinced myself that my judgment was wrong because I haven't worn shorts in a long time. Three steps into my run, I realized I had forgot to account for the bouncing that occurs while running. I had also forgotten to account for the fact that my large derriere might make the skirt slightly shorter in the back.

A few things I had going for me in the sense that less people may have been out and about then normal was 1) it was raining, and 2) it was Seafair weekend. So I jogged along, trying to get comfortable with the thought of just how short my skirt was by assuming no body was around. I figured I would take off streets to further reduce my chance of people encounters, and cut my run short if I couldn't stop thinking about my skirt.

I liked how light-weight, and non-restrictive the skirt was. It was like I was wearing nothing. Well, technically, if you saw me from behind, you might think I was wearing nothing. The skirt has little biking shorts underneath, but they are too short to provide very much coverage, but long enough to fool you that they do provide coverage when you are still inside your house, not bouncing. Anyway, rain rolled off the skirt like water off a ducks back. I'm not ready to give up on the running skirt idea yet...I might just have to find a longer one? Or wait till I lose a little more of my behind to wear this one again?

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