Monday, October 31, 2011

296- The Beginning of the End

Happy Halloween!  Or as I used to call it, the beginning of the end.  This day officially for many people (and formerly ME) kicks off a 2 month bender of overeating that only a New Years Resolution can fix.  It starts with a few Fun Size Snickers bars- better buy 5 bags, we get A LOT of trick or treaters afterall!  Being slightly annoyed everytime some stupid kid in an ugly costume comes to the door, I cheaply hand one measly piece to each kid, and "surprisingly" find myself with 3 whole bags leftover! 
The huge bags of tiny candy pieces barely make it to the second week in November, which then of course its time to start testing out (and eating) Thanksgiving recipes.  Always searching for the most creative decadent dishes that pack the most refined carbs and sugar into each bite, "its only one day" I say to myself "I want it to be special!"  I begin dreaming up new ways to indulge, since turkey, stuffing, yams, mashed potatoes, rolls, various pies are not enough.  "Oh, maybe I should start a "Thanksgiving cinnamon roll" breakfast tradition this year!  Or, maybe instead of pumpkin and apple pies, I'll make a gigantic pumpkin-caramel swirl cheesecake with ginger snap crust!"  The leftovers make my "one special day" into four. 
December brings work holiday parties, friends holiday parties, red and green M&M's, christmas cookies, cold weather in which only comfort foods will suffice, and Christmas!  Christmas usually means family, and who doesn't want to eat 10,000 red foil wrapped Hershey kisses or a whole bowl of raw sugar cookie dough when family is around...looking at you with those eyes.  Ok, maybe that last sentence is specific to me only.  Yup, pretty sure it is.  Anyway, you get my point.  Halloween- January 1st = non-stop indulgence if you aren't paying attention.
Last year, even though I was CrossFitting and "eating Paleo" I fell somewhat victim to the 2 month trap.  Not in anyway like previous years, but I definitely am currently working off the mistakes I made, one year ago.  Literally and figuratively.  Honestly?  Now that I have detoxed from refined sugar/carbs and can see clearly, I know that my success depends entirely on me not eating one piece of Halloween candy.  I know I can do this because 1) I bought 3 bags of the most responsible candy I could find (Raisinets and Reeses PB cups) last night, bf deluxe immediately opened the Reeses while we were carving pumpkins and I didn't feel the slightest inkling to eat any, 2) my 365 day challenge and 3) because I know from the 2 month scenario I outlined above that there is no "one piece of Halloween candy."  I certainly do not want to be sitting here next year working off any mistakes.  Been there, done that.
I just got an offer today from a friend of mine that is going to help me through this once tough time.  She just learned that I have made it 70 days eating strict Paleo.  She is challenging me to 100 days, and completing the next 30 days with me (Nov. 1st to Dec 1st).  Then, we are going to celebrate with a Paleo dinner at the end of the 30 days!  She knows my ultimate goal is 365 days, but hey, if this makes 30 of them go by faster/easier, I'm all for it!  How cool is that?  Like I said before, I learned that I can't do this alone.  I'm taking all the help I can get.  She says I'm helping her as well, so its a win-win.  The chef bf deluxe has also thought up an entirely Paleo friendly Thanksgiving menu, which wasn't hard, at all.  The funniest thing ever might have been when he announced the menu to his parents (who look forward to Thanksgiving every year like no other) and the looks on their faces.  Disappointment doesn't quite capture it.  Whatev's, he's my family now beeotches! 

Tomorrow I'll have my November 1st update for you, and then the focus is getting to day 100!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

297- Sunday Dinner

This was our pre-pumpkin carving meal today- bbq spareribs courtesy of this recipe a quick cole slaw made with cider vinegar, and steamed broccoli with grass fed butter.  

If I ever open a Paleo restaurant, those ribs are going on the menu for sure!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

298- Ode to Bacon

You make everything better
From steak to brussel sprouts to water
Everyday that starts with you is a good day 
Makes me wonder why every day doesn't start that way?
If it wasn't for you eating Paleo would suck
Thankfully all of us cave-people emulators are in luck
Natural, pasture raised, antibiotic and hormone free,
Damn its good to be me!

Friday, October 28, 2011

299- Worst Enemy

I used to seriously overestimate how much control I had over my body, and specifically my biochemistry.  I used to think that cravings were a flaw in myself, and that they were just the way I was.  I thought I knew everything there was to know about my body- what I was eating that was wrong for me, what the underlying causes for my cravings were, how much exercise I needed- etc.  I thought I knew this stuff because of years of trial and error.  Yet I was ridiculously overweight, and kept making the choices I thought were right, to no avail.

I know what you all are thinking- here comes another Paleo plug.  Well, yes and no.  Paleo taught me that I didn't know anything that I thought I knew about health and losing weigh.  It also created a problem in that I suddenly didn't know anything.  I started reading all the paleo information I could get my eyes on- Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, Gary Taubes, Loren Cordain, just to name a few of the big players in the Paleo world.  I soon learned that everything I have been told up until that point regarding exercise, nutrition, health, and weight loss was severely misinformed, and in many cases downright wrong.    

I know people are going to believe what they believe.  I know everyone thinks they know best.  But its so frustrating when I read about people doing hours of cardio and wondering why they can't maintain the weight they lost by doing cardio.  I read about people restricting their fat, red meat, calories, etc. and still struggling.  Calories in, calories out, right?! 

We do not know the things that control us.  We can not say something doesn't trigger us to crave, or make us hold onto weight.  Worst of all, the majority of the time, we are our own worst enemies if we go on thinking that we know everything and don't do research or experiment with eliminating foods/changing the way we exercise/eating more fat etc.  Maybe the best advice someone could have given me before I discovered paleo was to just do the exact opposite of what I thought I knew.  

Thursday, October 27, 2011

300- Love/Hate

Three Oh Oh.  Damn.  Tomorrow I will be in a new century of days left in this challenge.  In honor of this glorious occasion, I'm going to celebrate by making a list of things that I would either LOVE to have 300 of, or HATE to have 300 of.  You have to guess which is which:
1) puppies
2) dollars
3) pairs of shoes
4) grey hairs
5) kids
6) coach bags
7) cupcakes
8) blog followers
9) days of sun per year in Seattle
10) dollars to spend at Lululemon

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

301- DL PR

Everyone that does crossfit has their favorite exercises.  These are usually the exercises one is best at, or one realizes they have a knack for.  One of my favorite exercises is deadlifts.  They didn't start out being my favorite, but they quicly rocketed up to the top of the list when I realized I was a) somewhat good at them, and b) you get to load up a whole lot of weight and feel badass dropping it from waist level.
Yesterday, I peeked to see what the workout was going to be today, since I was contemplating skipping due to soreness and super BUSY CRAZY schedule.  Of course, the workout had to be deadlifts- aka my fave, and therefore unmisable (real word?).  So, like a good girl addicted to the crack that is crossfit, I made a plan as to how I could get my deadlifts in on my busy day. 
The bf deluxe was in need of the car, so that means I'd need to run the 0.5 miles to and from the gym.  The other problem is shoes- I need to bring my lifting shoes, but can't run in them.  Yeah, I'm sure I looked nuts running downtown towards my gym holding a lifting shoe in each hand.  Those suckers are heavy, btw!  I literally got stopped at every possible railroad and stoplight, turning my 0.5 mile warmup jog into a chilly hurry up and wait fest. 
I had a goal in mind about where I wanted to end up today with my deadlifts, and I MADE it!  We were looking for our 3 rep max (meaning the weight that you can still do 3 reps unbroken) and I got 200 lbs!  My last 1 rep dead lift max was 205#, so I'm thinking I could easily be up to 225# for a 1 rep max.  Awesome!  My jog back to work felt great, and I didn't get stopped by any trains.  Yay for deadlift PR's!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

302- Nothing Gets By Him

After I sprained my ankle in July, I was anxious to get back to the gym.  As soon as I ditched my crutches and could put a reasonable amount of weight on my ankle, I returned, figuring I could do upper body stuff.  My ankle made some big progress leaps in the beginning, and I thought I was walking normal.  

Upon arriving at the gym, I would get out of my car, walk as normally as I could muster, only to be confronted with "are you limping?" from the trainer.  Usually, I was, but not by any amount noticeable.  It was almost disturbing how observant he was.  

My calves are super sore from Sunday's run, being that it was the longest I've run since June, and I'm really trying to work on my POSE technique.  Also, the NB Minimus aid in helping my POSE, furthering the use of my calves.  So, all of yesterday, I was hobbling around the office, trying to stretch my calves out in anticipation for the brutal workout sure to come, and nothing was working.  No one at my office said anything about the way I was walking, so I just figured I was doing a good job of concealing it!

I get out of my car at the gym and immediately, trainer says "are you limping?"  I had to laugh.  I wasn't fooling anyone, and I love being part of a facility that notices the teeniest, tiniest nuances in my stride.  

Monday, October 24, 2011

303- Light bulb Moments

Often we hear about overweight/unhealthy people that have some sort of "lightbulb moment." It becomes the motivation to start on a new plan of their choosing.  Usually for me, these moments consist of something that causes me to be suddenly aware of my size or my inability to do something that others around me are doing.  Other examples would be people seeing an unrecognizable photo of themself, or having a health scare.  Whatever the lightbulb moment is, it serves as a reality check sometimes fleeting, other times permenant.
Something I realized this past weekend is that these moments happen frequently, but whether or not they are a lightbulb moment is determined by the outcome of the event.  This past weekend I spent with 4 other girls who are all very slim.  We hiked, we shopped, we ate, it was all very relaxing and nice.  On Sunday one of the girls mentioned she would like to head out for a run.  This of course prompted other girls to chime in and say they should go as well.  Before I knew it, we were all headed out on a run. 
A few years prior, this is the type of thing that would have scared the crap out of me.  Whaaa wha whatt??  An impromtu run?  Who does that?  I would have thought.  I would have contemplated in my head how to get out of it, and then caved with the pier pressure and gone.  Or I would have been totally delusional about how much "running" I had been doing at that time, and agreed to go along.  Either way, it would have been a wake up call as to just how out of shape/out of touch I was with my own self and the person I wanted to be as I could barely breathe 4 minutes into the run, and would have to walk.  I've always wanted to be a person that can just do whatever.  Whatever the moment requires.  Whether its hiking up a mountain, an unplanned swim in a lake, or in this case a run with the girls, I want to be able to do it.
Yesterday, I'll admit, I was not thrilled with the idea of going for a run because normally Sunday's are rest days for me, and I haven't tested my ankle on any sort of distance.  But I agreed without any panic.  I knew that my sessions at CrossFit and my strict Paleo eating have been preparing me for just this type of thing.  The reason why this was not a lightbulb moment for me is because I was ready for this.  I was capable of holding my own on the run.  I wasn't the fastest, but I wasn't the slowest either.  I got in a great morning workout, and learned that my ankle is just fine. 
Most of all, I realized that life is full of these piviotal moments that you are either ready for, or they make you see how you need to improve.  I feel very fortunate to be on the other side of the fence on this occasion.  I'm looking forward to noticing more of these could-have-been-a-lightbulb-moment-but-not-any-more-moments. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

304- I Can't Do It Alone

Maybe one of the best things I ever did for myself and for my goals of health is to ask for help.  I'm not a person that likes to ask for help.  I've worked hard to be self-sufficient, and always saw asking for help as a sign of weakness.  It wasn't until I realized that I was in way over my head and the battle I was facing with my body was not one I could wage alone that I started asking for help.  I started asking friends to stop making plans to go out to eat places with me.  I started asking people to do active things with me.  And now that I'm with my bf-deluxe of 6+ years, he helps me more then I give him credit for. 
Many nights he stays up to prepare my breakfast and/or lunch for the next day if he notices there are no leftovers because he knows how important it is for me to have something prepared (no plan=bad choices).  He doesn't leave foods I'm choosing to avoid laying around the house (like candy bars and cakes or pies), and generally follows the same eating as me when he is with me.  When he shops by himself, he religiously reads food labels and doesn't buy things that are off limits.  He genuinely makes an effort to think of creative meals for me so that I don't get bored. 
A regular gym/running outside plan wasn't working for me, so as I read up about CrossFit and saw that it was more of a group type thing, I was intrigued.  Now I get essentially personal training in a group that makes me fell accountable.  People actually notice if I'm not at the gym!  That NEVER happened to me at Golds, and for sure none of my neighbors came knocking on my door when they didn't see me jog by that day! 
I know now that having help is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of intelligence.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

305- Sixty!

Today is day 60 SIXTY!  Of my 365 day challenge.  Just thought that was worth pointing out.  I do believe that officially, this is my longest stretch of abstaining from sugar, grains, and legumes strictly so far.  Not everyday is easy, but for the most part I'm feeling balanced.   Just yesterday I was having dreamy thoughts of a toasted bagel with cream cheese.  I imagined the crunchy exterior and doughy interior of a nice fresh bagel slathered with cream cheese.  I remembered how I loved those, and could eat 2 maybe 3 in one sitting and still want more.  They just taste so good!  I reminded myself that bagels and cream cheese would not be going anywhere in the next 305 days, and I could certainly have one next August, if I still wanted to, that is.  Now, one day later, I'm like huh?  What was I thinking?  I don't want a stupid fat storing, bloat causing, allergy inducing bagel anywhere near me.  I've tried so hard these past few months ridding my body of that crap, why would I ever want to ruin this feeling?  See?  Balance.
I'm guessing that yesterday is not going to be the last time I have some crazy food day dream about something I once enjoyed frequently, but no longer can or want to.  It seems to be that initially, or each time in the past I have started some form of diet or new eating plan, etc., I can put off limits foods out of my mind just by sheer determination and optimism for my new plan.  The next phase is getting comfortable and allowing thoughts of those foods in, but still following my plan.  The next phase is thinking that I can eat those foods like a person that doesn't have some sort of problem, and the next phase is, well...the initial one because I can not eat certain things like a person that doesn't have an issue with food.
I think the trick is to remain in phase 2 forever.  Letting myself think about foods is fine, remembering how they taste/feel/etc. is fine, but just like anything else, the longer they stay out of my system, the less clear they will become.  Soon the only thoughts that will swirl around in my head will be ones of me finding the optimal pre or post workout fuel, or how sweet broccoli can be.  At least for the next 305 days, I won't be delusional and thinking I am comfortable enough to eat something that controls me.  I know better, but sometimes I need to challenge myself to make sure it happens. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

306- Girls Weekend

I'm headed out to the lovely San Juan Islands for a little getaway with the girls.  A month ago, the boys made a big deal about planning and flaunting their annual "man hike" so we decided to retaliate with a weekend of our own.  Competitive?  Nah.  They all know that our weekend is going to be WAY better.
We decided to all take turns cooking a meal, so that way each person only has to think about and prepare one meal.  Also, I'm not the only "paleo" eater attending the weekend getaway, so I don't have to worry about being the only one refraining from all things carby and sweet.
I'll be back on Monday with pictures and stories!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

307- Heaven Week

The past couple of weeks, new gym has been doing "themed" weeks.  We had death by week, panic week, hell week, and we just finished heaven week.  Heaven week was far from anything I would call heaven.  It consisted of all 20 minute as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) workouts.  Three days straight of these suckers.  

Its funny, when I first started crossfit a little over a year ago, I was confused by the workouts that were 20 minutes or less.  What?  That's it?  I soon began to realize that a 7 minute workout can kick my ass WAY more then a 30 minute run any day.  So now, whenever I see 20 minute workouts on the board I grumble and think "thats soooo long!"

Today's AMRAP kicked ass.  Well, at least I kicked ass.  I finally was no longer sore from Monday, so I pushed myself like crazy.  1 round was: 10 push press (65#,) 10 pull-ups (I subbed jumping), 10 push-ups, 50m sprint.  My goal was to complete 6 rounds.  I completed 6 rounds and got through 10 pull-ups into round 7.  I was pretty excited.  I felt strong and solid throughout the whole workout.  I was push pressing more weight then 1/2 the guys during my class.  Hot cop trainer always followed my name with "perfect." 

Needless today say, after Heaven week, tomorrow is a well deserved rest day!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

308- It Just Makes Sense (to me)

When I first heard about the Paleo Diet, it just made sense to me.  It made sense to me on a deeper level then any other calorie in/calorie out diet had in the past.  The more I researched, the more involved I got in the science behind what is actually happening in a body, and how abuse of foods that raise your blood sugar (cause you to release excess insulin) REGARDLESS OF CALORIES are to be avoided at all costs. 
All those times I thought I was being a champ by drinking diet coke, I was tricking my body into releasing insulin (hence storing fat).  A Diet Coke has 0 calories you say?  Well, just the mere sensation of something sweet makes your brain think its time to release insulin.  All those times I thought I was doing myself a huge favor by putting splenda in my latte- I was tricking my body into releasing insulin.  All those times I thought I was being so good by eating tons of fruit- I was making my body respond with an overdose to my system of insulin.  Once I learned that managing insulin is the key to shedding fat from my frame, everything I thought I knew about weightloss was blown out of the water.  It was soon very clear that I needed to completely change the way I think about food/nutrition/health/exercise/lifestyle.
So I did.  I jumped head first into the Paleo thing without thinking twice.  I wanted to see for myself if this was something that held any merrit.  I never focused on what I couldn't eat (which, in hindsight is really weird because that's always the first thing people mention-what they can't have).  In fact, I started my whole journey by making a list of what I COULD eat.  By my first 8-10 days I was sold.  I knew I was onto something good and right for me.  Something different, and most importantly, something that gave me results like I had never seen.  Who doesn't like results?
Now, I'm not going to sit here and pretend I'm some superhero and that after trying Paleo for those first 30 days I stuck with it up until now.  You can take one look at me and know that did not happen.  Instead, I fell off the wagon a few times.  I got back on, felt great, and fell off.  A complete alteration of lifestyle does not happen in 30 days, nor does it happen in one year.  But I can honestly say that today I'm in a much different place then I was a year ago because I kept at it.  Everytime I fell off the wagon, I'd get back on. 
Now, 50+ days into my one year challenge with myself, each day that I choose to eat real foods and little to no sugar gets easier.  I no longer question if eating so much fat is healthy- drinking fat free calorie free diet coke made me fat!  I no longer question if I go a week without eating a piece of fruit is healthy- fruit made me fat!  I no longer question my lack of whole grains and legumes.  I know that anything that can make me feel this good all the time, give me endless energy, excellent sleep so that I wake up before my alarm, make my clothes loose, make me rock my workouts, abolish my cravings, and has me not wanting to change ONE DAMN THING has to be healthy for me.
I needed to change.  I knew the path I was headed down over a year and a half ago was not leading to a good destination.  I kept an open mind, and listened to my body.  After years of looking, I found something that made sense to me.  If you are following a diet or lifestyle plan that doesn't make sense to you, my only question is: Why?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

309- Mid-month update

I know its a little more then 1/2 way through October, but I just wanted to update you (and mostly ME) on how I'm doing with my goals for the month:

October Goals:
- Continue to eat real foods (meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, sometimes dairy) YES.
- Work on kipping swing everyday I'm at a gym YES.
- Supplements everyday! NO.  Need to work on this.
- Work on box jumps (ankle allowing) YES

Like I've mentioned before, I'm pretty happy with how things have been going lately.  I continue to feel great, perform really well during my workouts, and in general get more done (at work, at home, everything).  

Today as I was getting ready to head out to the gym, I smelled BBQ in the office.  Damn.  My kryptonite.  As I was headed out the door, my nostrils were confirmed- the lady at the front desk informed me there was BBQ next door.  Eh, I'm headed to the gym I said.  She replied "you're so gooooood!"  

Well, actually, I've got years of being bad to make up for.  And, honestly?  We get a lot of BBQ at work.  I'll get it next time.  Oh, and it probably helped that I had pork in my lunch.  Ha!  

If you are ever curious about how my normal days break down, check out my daily food/exercise log.  I update it every couple of days.  

Monday, October 17, 2011

310- Water

I nearly forgot about this little gem of a story until today as I was finishing up my 5th 10oz bottle of water.  When I was home last weekend, I was getting ready for bed on the first night.  It was 11 o'clock at night, and all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep for hours.  I peeled back the comforter, and then from across the house, I heard my mom yelling my name.  

Anytime my mom yells my name from the other side of the house all the memories from when I lived in that house come rushing back- uh-oh, what did I do now?  Did I leave a dirty dish in the sink?  Was I supposed to get the clothes from the dryer?  Of course I yell back, and ask her what she wants.  "What have you had to drink today?"  "Drink some water.  You haven't drank enough today."  

What?  I'm 32.  My mom is making a big production about how much water I did or didn't drink at 11pm.  I wasn't thirsty.  I drank water all day, wasn't she watching me?   Its amazing how I can be away from my mom's house 99% of the year and not shrivel up from dehydration!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

311- No Money= Creativity

Sometimes I go through kicks where I feel like I'm being super wasteful, and I force myself to use everything in the fridge and cupboards before I go shopping again.  After I did this a few times, I not only realized that I would shop better, and save money, but I came up with some REALLY good meals.  

Yesterday was no exception to this.  I needed to eat breakfast, but my normal breakfasty foods were not in the house.  Forcing myself to use everything in my fridge/cabinets before replenishing, I stared at the fridge for a good 5 minutes before I had a curious thought.  What if I used roasted squash in place of banana in my "Paleo Pancakes?"  I had egg, almond butter, so why not try squash?  

The result? Amazing!  Even better then the banana-egg-almond butter version!  I bet I could even use this same technique with pumpkin, or yam!  

Savory Delicata Squash Paleo Pancakes
1 small delicata squash roasted
1 egg 
1 tbsp almond butter
1 tbsp coconut flour
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp sea salt

Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl, if mixture is on the thicker side, thin it out with a little cream or coconut milk to get desired pancake consistency.  Cook in a buttered pan over medium low heat, just like regular pancakes.  Top with grass fed butter and berries.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

312- Book Cover

Caught in the middle.  That's the best way to describe how I feel right now.  I'm bearing the scars of years upon years of bodily abuse.  Yet that life is over for me.  I've found a way to eat and live that works for me, and I know it to my very core.  I know now this is the way I'm going to live the rest of my life.  In the terms of my lifetime, I've only been practicing what is best for me for a blink of an eye.  The internal changes that I have undertaken in the past few months are going to take years before they manifest into a badge of honor and wellness I can wear on the outside.  

You see, I want to be someone that a stranger can look at and without knowing one thing about me, I want it to be clear that I do right by my body.   Looking at me there would be no question that I live the kind of lifestyle that makes my muscle tone defined, my skin glow, and every move effortless and comfortable.  I'm not there yet.  My head is there, however, my body is not.

I realized my middle status when I was at my staff meeting last week, and a bunch of people were making plans to run in the morning.  They were heading out for an easy 5K.  All the people that you would look at and expect that they keep active were invited.  No one invited me (not in a rude way, just in a not knowing me way).  I get it.  I do not look like a person that wakes up at 6:30am and runs.  But I want to.  I have finally figured out the words between the book cover so it can be judged.  You can best be sure that at next year's staff meeting I will be on that run, if not leading it, and it will surprise no one, not even me.

Friday, October 14, 2011

313- Anti-Flu Shot

I've always been anti-flu shot.  Something about it just never made sense or seemed right to me.  I was never one to get sick often.  One, maybe two colds a year.  I sort of feel that the occasional cold is necessary to build up the immune system.  I always know when I'm coming down with one, and they are always mostly the same.  Sniffles, aches, cough for a few days, done.  My life would be slowed down for 4-5 days, missing the gym, work or both for sleep.  

The flu that for colds?  I've heard stories about people getting the shot and then coming down with the worst sickness of their life (my mom and new co-worker to name a few).  If I never get the flu, why would I get a flu shot?  Just cause they are free at work, or hundreds of people line up outside Walgreens to get one for $5?  

Its been awhile since I've had a cold.  I mentioned a week ago that the bf came down with a horrible one.  For a few days, I felt like I was coming down with a cold, but it never materialized.  Then it hit diet.  I've been so good for the past 52 days.  I was exposed to the cold, and technically, I did catch it, but my symptoms were barely noticeable.  How incredible is life going to be when the only thing that did slow me down before (the occasional cold) is no longer able to slow me down?!  

Eating the foods my body was designed to eat makes my body perform how it is supposed to perform.  What a concept!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

314- Paleo on the Road

It can be done.  It is possible.  Living out of a hotel for 3 days relying on restaurants or other catered food that I have no control over is not an optimal situation.  My plan was to be optimistic that there would always be something available to me.  If a meal situation came up where there were no options for me, I would pass and find something on my own at a later time.  Luckily for me, none of those situations presented themselves.  

Like I said before, things are different this time.  Making the correct choices has become second nature.  I don't even notice what I'm "missing" anymore.  This is just the way I eat.  Meat, vegetables, some fruit, nuts, and that is it.    

318 through 315

318- Home
I did not take a laptop with me, so blogging was not an option while I was visiting home or during my staff meeting.  I just could not bring myself to blog on my iPhone.  Going home, is a funny thing.  I call it home because its where I grew up.  However, now, I'm just a visitor.  Everyone there has their own lives, and it doesn't matter how much history is there, I am not part of the current events.  And its weird.  

317- Awesome Mom Quotes
Mom drove me over to the east bay so I could meet up with my boss (who was playing golf) and then head up to Sacramento for my staff meeting.  As we were sitting in the golf club house bar waiting to meet them, my mom grabs her bicep and says "I pretty much have Madonna arms."  

316- Presentation
I spent weeks preparing a presentation for the staff meeting.  Conceptualizing, performing calculations, excel spreadsheeting, making my power point, etc.  I was hoping to have some time to rehearse during the 1.5 hour car ride to my meeting.  That did not happen.  I was hoping to have some time to rehearse when I checked into my room.  That did not happen.  I'm big on practicing before speaking.  If I don't have at least one good run-through, I get nervous.  Upon getting to the hotel at 11pm, I set the alarm for 5am, so I could practice.  

I was incredibly nervous all morning as I waited for the day to pass, I wasn't up till after the lunch break.  We broke for lunch and my boss came over for a quick pep talk.  I must have looked really bad for him to do that!  I had a few minutes left after eating to do a quick practice run in my room.  Finally I had the rehearsal I needed to know everything was going to be ok.  Once I started talking, all nervousness went away and I delivered my presentation.  I felt confident being in front of everyone, knew my material, and then, it was over.  I could relax.  Everyone, people I didn't even know came up afterwards and told me I did a great job.  What a good feeling.

315- Small Spaces
Day two of the staff meeting was a site visit to an active construction site.  Outfitted in PPE, 30 or so people wandered about.  We walked into an old brick warehouse that was recently restored.  The leaders of the tour walked over to a huge sliding door and tried to open it so we could get to another part of the warehouse.  The door barely budged, leaving an opening that seemed too small for anyone but a child to eek through.  One by one, people started filtering through.  I got nervous- would I fit?  There was a girl in front of me that was shorter then me, and on the heavy side, but it was really impossible to tell if she was bigger then me or not.  She was larger then anyone that had been through so far.  As she approached the door, two of the leaders pulled as hard as they could to make an additional 2 inches, and she squeezed through brushing both sides of the opening.  I approached the opening, the two leaders let go of the door and I moved through without touching any part of the opening.  Really?  Did that actually just happen?  

On a related note, when I got home after my trip, bf deluxe asked me if my boobs were getting smaller.  Leave it up to him to point out the downside of fat loss. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

319- Airplanes

Everytime I fly, I play this ridiculous game where I grab both ends of the seatbelt, and without adjusting them, try to buckle it.  This of course, in my head is some indicator of whether or not I'm "fat."  It doesn't matter that the person before me could have been ginormous, or super petite.  I'm just gathering data, because in general, I fly a lot.  My thinking is that if I have to let the seatbelt out the majority of the time, I'm not doing so hot, size wise.  However, if I can buckle it without adjusting more often then not, I'm somehow "average."  Nuts, I know.

Anyway, today I was reminded of how awesome airports are.  I mean, where else in the world can you see so many different people from all walks of life, in one place, passing through?  I like to make up stories for the odd people I see...hawaiian shirt, tan, and flip flops? Just got back from a sunny place.  Sequin baseball hat, ridiculously oversized purse, and maybe a small dog?  Headed to Vegas.  The couple with the tiny baby in the carrier?  Going to see the grandparents for the first time.  This game keeps me entertained as I wait for my flight, during my flight, and when I make my way to the baggage claim via the longest walk through the terminal of people, bathrooms, and fast food restaurants. 

On an unrelated note, (I told you yesterday to expect nonsense...) I picked up some awesome deals at Banana Republic today!  I got 2 shirts and a pair of pants for $49!!! 

So, I'm in California visiting my mom this weekend before I go to a meeting for work next week starting Tuesday.  My mom is notorious for saying awesome stuff.  I've been here about 6 hours, and my favorite one so far?  We were in Macy's and we walked by the evening dresses.  My mom asks if I want to start looking for my sisters maid of honor dress.  So, as we are walking through the dresses, my mom says, "I want you to know, I'm going to look stunning at your wedding.  But don't worry, I'm not going to show you up or anything, I won't wear a bikini."  True story. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

320- HBD

Happy Birthday to my wonderful fiance.  Poor thing is sick as a dog, and I'm pretty sure this is the most low key birthday he's had in 17 years.  Headed to Cali tomorrow.  Expect short, nonsensical posts for the next few days.  Starting with this one.  I've been so busy running around trying to get everything done at work in preparation for my being gone for a week, getting my presentation ready (so not ready), running errands, making birthday cake for someone that isn't hungry and can't taste anything, packing, laundry, cleaning cause I can't leave the house a mess for someone that is sick, haircut, and blog updating.  My brain is mush.  

Thursday, October 6, 2011

321- Don't Wish That it was Easier

There is a quote hanging up in one corner of the gym.  Its printed out on simple 8.5x11 white paper and barely noticeable, unless you happen to be walking by to grab a 45# bar.  It reads "Don't wish that it was easier, wish that you were better."  How awesome is that?
It took me a long time before I realized that this quote wasn't just talking about my ability to perform a workout, it was talking about EVERYTHING.  Everyday is full of challenges.  Challenges at home, work, driving, internal, with friends, with food...the list goes on and on.  So why not apply that thinking to every single one of these aspects.  Now, when I read that quote, I think of rising above.  Rising above whatever challenge is presented in front of me, and rather then getting caught up in how HARD it is, I think of how I can be better. 
Instead of beating myself up over not getting as much done at work as I needed to, I resolve to be better the next day.
Instead of wanting my body to transform overnight into an obvious display of hard work, I resolve to be better at eating the right foods and performing functional exercises.
Instead of getting mad at my bf deluxe for hogging the tv with stupid history channel, I will resolve to get chores done around the house.
Instead of fretting over a presentation I have to give to my boss, grand-boss, great-grand boss, and great-great-grand boss next week, I'm going to be the best presenter I can be.
See where I'm going with this?  There is no easy way out.  There is only continuing to search for the easy way out, or training to be better. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

322- Recent Exciting Stuff

During yesterday's workout, I ended up doing 117 push-ups.  All on my toes.  That makes 3 consecutive weeks of doing 100+ push-ups during a WOD.  

During yesterday's workout, I successfully box jumped (only 15") for the first time since my ankle mishap.

Today, I did 346 kettlebell swings (35#) 

Today, I ate the first delicata squash from our garden, and it was amazing.  Delicata squash to begin with is good, but wow, it was delicious. 

Today I wore my skinny jeans to work.  

Currently I'm making a cheesecake for the bf deluxes birthday.  I didn't add any sugar.  Ha!  It does have sweet potato and orange juice in it, so hopefully that's enough?  Yeah, fiance of the year, right here.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

323- But I Did

Over a year ago, I was out to lunch with a friend of mine and we decided to go for a walk after our meal.  She is considerably overweight, but it never seemed to bother her.  She never talked about it or made any noticeable efforts to eat differently/exercise.  As we were walking, she commented on how much weight I had lost recently (this was after my first 3 months of Paleo) and asked me to help her lose weight.  I was surprised by her request, but immediately my brain screamed "bad idea" so I told her I would think about it.
I had to think about this for many reasons.  1) Who am I to give anyone advice?  2) I know both of our personalities could clash if one person is telling the other what to do 3) I knew her, and she doesn't do anything she doesn't want to do and 4) I know myself, and how frustrated I get if people don't listen to my suggestions, especially after asking for them!  So, there was a lot of potential for friction and I had to decide if I wanted to put myself in that situation.  I politely declined, citing my continuing battle and how I still had a long way to go myself.  She understood.
If you know me, you know I couldn't just let this go.  Someone genuinely asked for my help, and I couldn't just decline.  So every time I was headed out the door to do something active, I would call and ask her if she wanted to go.  She was always busy doing something.  I put her address information into a box on the WeightWatchers webpage that said "send me information."  One day I was over at her house, and I saw the materials in the recycling bin.  I asked her about them, and she said "I have no time to attend meetings, plus its too expensive."  I invited her to come to my gym over and over, and eventually, after I had heard every form of "no" possible I just stopped asking.  I had her over for dinners consisting of delicious meat and vegetables.  She always talked about how good the food was, but when I would offer to show her how to make it, she would turn me down.  I made a point to stop making our meetings involve a meal out somewhere, and started suggesting active things, or coffee shops.  Before I knew it, we were hanging out considerably less since we weren't going out to eat!
Yesterday, I was over at her house and she was telling me how she got invited to her 10 year college reunion happening during Christmas time, and how her soul mate had already said he was attending via Facebook.  She went on to say, "I'm so fat.  I'm just as fat as I was a year ago, and if only you had helped me when I asked, I wouldn't have to face him so fat."
I said to her: "But I did.  I asked you to do stuff with me.  I offered to teach you how to make healthy meals.  I invited you to my gym.  I stopped making dates to eat out at restaurants with you.  I had WeightWatchers send you stuff.  What more did you want from me?"

Monday, October 3, 2011

324- Team Low-Carb

Remember how when Angelina Jolie stole Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston people were walking around with "Team Jolie" or "Team Aniston" shirts?  Well, there seems to be a similar divide amongst individuals in the health blogging world as the whole gluten free/no refined stuff/eating like a caveman trends make gains in popularity.  Everyone's picking a side!  So, I'm going to make "Team Carb" and "Team Low-Carb" shirts! (not really)  But if I did, which one would you buy?

I'm guessing if you wore the "Team Aniston" shirt, you'd pick "Team Low-Carb."  Because both of those are right.  (kidding)

Valid arguments can be made for both teams.  I say, do what makes you feel good.  Actions speak louder then words, so if you are subsisting on nothing but carbs and everyone keeps asking you what you are doing to look so hot, scream "carbs" from the roof tops.  If you choose to eat low to no refined carbohydrates and everyone keeps asking you what you are doing to look so hot, scream "no carbs" at anyone and everyone that will listen.  Let's face it, if we believe in something, we are sure as heck going to try and get as many other people "on our team" as possible.  (hello, religion?) (and guilty)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

325- Fall

Fall is officially here.  Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin bread, roasted squash, Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie!  Why do we crave comfort foods when the weather cools down?  Is it instinctual for our bodies to pack on calories as the temperatures drop, or is it those damn delicious looking Starbucks signs?  

This is my absolute favorite time of the year.  I love everything fall.  The colors, the clothes, the food, the holidays...all of it.  I shamelessly stole an idea from a fellow blogger and made this over the weekend:
I'm so excited to hand out candy with this right next to the front door this year.  I have more plans to hang ghosts from the tree out front, and PUMPKINS!  Tons of carved pumpkins!  

Saturday, October 1, 2011

326- October 1st Progress Report

With fourty days of no sugar/grains/legumes under my belt, I bring to you my first of monthly progress report/goals:
Check out my "non-scale progress" page for the latest measurement update.  Not too different from last time, but headed in the correct direction nonetheless.

Progress Report:
Ankle- so, so, sooooo, much better.  A few days ago, mid-workout it cracked in a good way, and ever since, I've had increased range of motion.  Its still more stiff then my right ankle, but, its getting stronger everyday. 
Recent lifts/workout feats that come to mind, I'm sure there are more-
Clean and press- 95#
OH squat- 3 reps @85# (not near my max, due to ankle)
100 push-ups
16 handstands
Sleep- getting plenty and waking up before my alarm most days
Standing all day at work- no need to take afternoon breaks to rest my feet
Water consumption- good
Supplements- need to be better about taking fish oil and now that summer is over, vitamin D
October Goals:
- Continue to eat real foods (meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, sometimes dairy)
- Work on kipping swing everyday I'm at a gym
- Supplements everyday!
- Work on box jumps (ankle allowing)

Next update will be November 1st, let's see how I do this month!