Thursday, October 13, 2011

318 through 315

318- Home
I did not take a laptop with me, so blogging was not an option while I was visiting home or during my staff meeting.  I just could not bring myself to blog on my iPhone.  Going home, is a funny thing.  I call it home because its where I grew up.  However, now, I'm just a visitor.  Everyone there has their own lives, and it doesn't matter how much history is there, I am not part of the current events.  And its weird.  

317- Awesome Mom Quotes
Mom drove me over to the east bay so I could meet up with my boss (who was playing golf) and then head up to Sacramento for my staff meeting.  As we were sitting in the golf club house bar waiting to meet them, my mom grabs her bicep and says "I pretty much have Madonna arms."  

316- Presentation
I spent weeks preparing a presentation for the staff meeting.  Conceptualizing, performing calculations, excel spreadsheeting, making my power point, etc.  I was hoping to have some time to rehearse during the 1.5 hour car ride to my meeting.  That did not happen.  I was hoping to have some time to rehearse when I checked into my room.  That did not happen.  I'm big on practicing before speaking.  If I don't have at least one good run-through, I get nervous.  Upon getting to the hotel at 11pm, I set the alarm for 5am, so I could practice.  

I was incredibly nervous all morning as I waited for the day to pass, I wasn't up till after the lunch break.  We broke for lunch and my boss came over for a quick pep talk.  I must have looked really bad for him to do that!  I had a few minutes left after eating to do a quick practice run in my room.  Finally I had the rehearsal I needed to know everything was going to be ok.  Once I started talking, all nervousness went away and I delivered my presentation.  I felt confident being in front of everyone, knew my material, and then, it was over.  I could relax.  Everyone, people I didn't even know came up afterwards and told me I did a great job.  What a good feeling.

315- Small Spaces
Day two of the staff meeting was a site visit to an active construction site.  Outfitted in PPE, 30 or so people wandered about.  We walked into an old brick warehouse that was recently restored.  The leaders of the tour walked over to a huge sliding door and tried to open it so we could get to another part of the warehouse.  The door barely budged, leaving an opening that seemed too small for anyone but a child to eek through.  One by one, people started filtering through.  I got nervous- would I fit?  There was a girl in front of me that was shorter then me, and on the heavy side, but it was really impossible to tell if she was bigger then me or not.  She was larger then anyone that had been through so far.  As she approached the door, two of the leaders pulled as hard as they could to make an additional 2 inches, and she squeezed through brushing both sides of the opening.  I approached the opening, the two leaders let go of the door and I moved through without touching any part of the opening.  Really?  Did that actually just happen?  

On a related note, when I got home after my trip, bf deluxe asked me if my boobs were getting smaller.  Leave it up to him to point out the downside of fat loss. 

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