Wednesday, October 5, 2011

322- Recent Exciting Stuff

During yesterday's workout, I ended up doing 117 push-ups.  All on my toes.  That makes 3 consecutive weeks of doing 100+ push-ups during a WOD.  

During yesterday's workout, I successfully box jumped (only 15") for the first time since my ankle mishap.

Today, I did 346 kettlebell swings (35#) 

Today, I ate the first delicata squash from our garden, and it was amazing.  Delicata squash to begin with is good, but wow, it was delicious. 

Today I wore my skinny jeans to work.  

Currently I'm making a cheesecake for the bf deluxes birthday.  I didn't add any sugar.  Ha!  It does have sweet potato and orange juice in it, so hopefully that's enough?  Yeah, fiance of the year, right here.


  1. You're doing awesome!! Now if some of your energy would rub off on me!!

  2. wow... that is AMAZING. congrats.