Thursday, October 20, 2011

307- Heaven Week

The past couple of weeks, new gym has been doing "themed" weeks.  We had death by week, panic week, hell week, and we just finished heaven week.  Heaven week was far from anything I would call heaven.  It consisted of all 20 minute as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) workouts.  Three days straight of these suckers.  

Its funny, when I first started crossfit a little over a year ago, I was confused by the workouts that were 20 minutes or less.  What?  That's it?  I soon began to realize that a 7 minute workout can kick my ass WAY more then a 30 minute run any day.  So now, whenever I see 20 minute workouts on the board I grumble and think "thats soooo long!"

Today's AMRAP kicked ass.  Well, at least I kicked ass.  I finally was no longer sore from Monday, so I pushed myself like crazy.  1 round was: 10 push press (65#,) 10 pull-ups (I subbed jumping), 10 push-ups, 50m sprint.  My goal was to complete 6 rounds.  I completed 6 rounds and got through 10 pull-ups into round 7.  I was pretty excited.  I felt strong and solid throughout the whole workout.  I was push pressing more weight then 1/2 the guys during my class.  Hot cop trainer always followed my name with "perfect." 

Needless today say, after Heaven week, tomorrow is a well deserved rest day!

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