Wednesday, October 26, 2011

301- DL PR

Everyone that does crossfit has their favorite exercises.  These are usually the exercises one is best at, or one realizes they have a knack for.  One of my favorite exercises is deadlifts.  They didn't start out being my favorite, but they quicly rocketed up to the top of the list when I realized I was a) somewhat good at them, and b) you get to load up a whole lot of weight and feel badass dropping it from waist level.
Yesterday, I peeked to see what the workout was going to be today, since I was contemplating skipping due to soreness and super BUSY CRAZY schedule.  Of course, the workout had to be deadlifts- aka my fave, and therefore unmisable (real word?).  So, like a good girl addicted to the crack that is crossfit, I made a plan as to how I could get my deadlifts in on my busy day. 
The bf deluxe was in need of the car, so that means I'd need to run the 0.5 miles to and from the gym.  The other problem is shoes- I need to bring my lifting shoes, but can't run in them.  Yeah, I'm sure I looked nuts running downtown towards my gym holding a lifting shoe in each hand.  Those suckers are heavy, btw!  I literally got stopped at every possible railroad and stoplight, turning my 0.5 mile warmup jog into a chilly hurry up and wait fest. 
I had a goal in mind about where I wanted to end up today with my deadlifts, and I MADE it!  We were looking for our 3 rep max (meaning the weight that you can still do 3 reps unbroken) and I got 200 lbs!  My last 1 rep dead lift max was 205#, so I'm thinking I could easily be up to 225# for a 1 rep max.  Awesome!  My jog back to work felt great, and I didn't get stopped by any trains.  Yay for deadlift PR's!

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