Thursday, October 6, 2011

321- Don't Wish That it was Easier

There is a quote hanging up in one corner of the gym.  Its printed out on simple 8.5x11 white paper and barely noticeable, unless you happen to be walking by to grab a 45# bar.  It reads "Don't wish that it was easier, wish that you were better."  How awesome is that?
It took me a long time before I realized that this quote wasn't just talking about my ability to perform a workout, it was talking about EVERYTHING.  Everyday is full of challenges.  Challenges at home, work, driving, internal, with friends, with food...the list goes on and on.  So why not apply that thinking to every single one of these aspects.  Now, when I read that quote, I think of rising above.  Rising above whatever challenge is presented in front of me, and rather then getting caught up in how HARD it is, I think of how I can be better. 
Instead of beating myself up over not getting as much done at work as I needed to, I resolve to be better the next day.
Instead of wanting my body to transform overnight into an obvious display of hard work, I resolve to be better at eating the right foods and performing functional exercises.
Instead of getting mad at my bf deluxe for hogging the tv with stupid history channel, I will resolve to get chores done around the house.
Instead of fretting over a presentation I have to give to my boss, grand-boss, great-grand boss, and great-great-grand boss next week, I'm going to be the best presenter I can be.
See where I'm going with this?  There is no easy way out.  There is only continuing to search for the easy way out, or training to be better. 

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