Monday, October 3, 2011

324- Team Low-Carb

Remember how when Angelina Jolie stole Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston people were walking around with "Team Jolie" or "Team Aniston" shirts?  Well, there seems to be a similar divide amongst individuals in the health blogging world as the whole gluten free/no refined stuff/eating like a caveman trends make gains in popularity.  Everyone's picking a side!  So, I'm going to make "Team Carb" and "Team Low-Carb" shirts! (not really)  But if I did, which one would you buy?

I'm guessing if you wore the "Team Aniston" shirt, you'd pick "Team Low-Carb."  Because both of those are right.  (kidding)

Valid arguments can be made for both teams.  I say, do what makes you feel good.  Actions speak louder then words, so if you are subsisting on nothing but carbs and everyone keeps asking you what you are doing to look so hot, scream "carbs" from the roof tops.  If you choose to eat low to no refined carbohydrates and everyone keeps asking you what you are doing to look so hot, scream "no carbs" at anyone and everyone that will listen.  Let's face it, if we believe in something, we are sure as heck going to try and get as many other people "on our team" as possible.  (hello, religion?) (and guilty)


  1. I was definitely "Team Aniston" and definitely "Team Low Carb.":) Even though I don't do low carb as strictly as I used to, I still try to watch the carbs. As for Angelina..I don't like women who steal other womens' husbands, since that happened to me. So even though she may be a great humanitarian...I don't like her, so there!!LOL


  2. I would have to be TEAM CARB!!! I get highly agitated, angry, hostile and whatnot when I am deprived of carbs. It's NOT a pretty thing. I have found that I have to eat a balance diet and one of moderation if I am going to see any success on the scale. Oh, and exercise....pleh :)