Friday, October 14, 2011

313- Anti-Flu Shot

I've always been anti-flu shot.  Something about it just never made sense or seemed right to me.  I was never one to get sick often.  One, maybe two colds a year.  I sort of feel that the occasional cold is necessary to build up the immune system.  I always know when I'm coming down with one, and they are always mostly the same.  Sniffles, aches, cough for a few days, done.  My life would be slowed down for 4-5 days, missing the gym, work or both for sleep.  

The flu that for colds?  I've heard stories about people getting the shot and then coming down with the worst sickness of their life (my mom and new co-worker to name a few).  If I never get the flu, why would I get a flu shot?  Just cause they are free at work, or hundreds of people line up outside Walgreens to get one for $5?  

Its been awhile since I've had a cold.  I mentioned a week ago that the bf came down with a horrible one.  For a few days, I felt like I was coming down with a cold, but it never materialized.  Then it hit diet.  I've been so good for the past 52 days.  I was exposed to the cold, and technically, I did catch it, but my symptoms were barely noticeable.  How incredible is life going to be when the only thing that did slow me down before (the occasional cold) is no longer able to slow me down?!  

Eating the foods my body was designed to eat makes my body perform how it is supposed to perform.  What a concept!

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  1. A flu shot isn't simply just for colds; it's virus is a serious thing that can lead to death. Even if you think you're healthy, you can get hospitalized once you caught the virus. What's worst is that one who's infected can spread it to others. Now, if you don't like having vaccinated and skip flu shot days at work, at least be considerate to wear mask during flu season. Earnestine @