Tuesday, October 25, 2011

302- Nothing Gets By Him

After I sprained my ankle in July, I was anxious to get back to the gym.  As soon as I ditched my crutches and could put a reasonable amount of weight on my ankle, I returned, figuring I could do upper body stuff.  My ankle made some big progress leaps in the beginning, and I thought I was walking normal.  

Upon arriving at the gym, I would get out of my car, walk as normally as I could muster, only to be confronted with "are you limping?" from the trainer.  Usually, I was, but not by any amount noticeable.  It was almost disturbing how observant he was.  

My calves are super sore from Sunday's run, being that it was the longest I've run since June, and I'm really trying to work on my POSE technique.  Also, the NB Minimus aid in helping my POSE, furthering the use of my calves.  So, all of yesterday, I was hobbling around the office, trying to stretch my calves out in anticipation for the brutal workout sure to come, and nothing was working.  No one at my office said anything about the way I was walking, so I just figured I was doing a good job of concealing it!

I get out of my car at the gym and immediately, trainer says "are you limping?"  I had to laugh.  I wasn't fooling anyone, and I love being part of a facility that notices the teeniest, tiniest nuances in my stride.  

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