Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Weekend Downfalls

Yesterday was rough. I could not get my body to find normal. I tried eating well, but eating only made me feel worse. I drank lots of water, and just hoped that I would feel better soon. Today is better. I did not wake up sniffly, and I've only sneezed once compared to yesterday, where by this time, I was at 10+ sneezes. Zzzzz- are you still with me? Sheesh I just bored the crap out of myself.

Onto the damage:

Bacon wrapped dates. I couldn't get this item out of my head since having a bacon wrapped date for the first time 2 weeks ago. I also knew I had all the ingredients at home. A hangover was just the excuse I needed to make these (of course after I had a breakfast of eggs and bacon).

Blackberry/White Nectarine Cobbler. We have an abundance of ripe blackberries creeping over into our yard from the neighbors. They call to me every morning, as their sweet smell fills the back yard. On Sunday, I finally grabbed a bowl, picked them all (don't want them to go to waste) and what could be more paleo then picking/harvesting the things around you? I threw the blackberries together with some nectarines I bought earlier, some cinnamon, a little honey, and made a topping with almond flour/egg/coconut oil/cinnamon/walnuts (I forgot to snap a photo of the finished product).

Marinated 1/4 chicken (from bf's work) with cauliflower roasted in bacon grease, covered in pesto (I cook bacon on a wire rack on top of a roasting pan in the oven, the bacon gets nice and cooked, and drippings fall below). I simple drained some excess grease off the roasting pan, but left enough to coat cauliflower, threw the cauliflower on the pan with some pepper, and roasted for 20 minutes. It was good, but I really think it was THIS item that did me in for Monday. I can't even think about cauliflower today without my stomach turning.

So yeah...on their own, these items may not have caused so much trouble. All together, bad news. I still have bacon wrapped dates and berry cobbler in the fridge that I can't even look at. Boyfriend better eat them, because I will not be!

I started my day today with a Larabar and a nectarine. I have a nice salad with chicken for lunch. Dinner...not sure yet, but maybe another salad with some form of protein. I'm going to sneak a quick run in after work, since this morning I needed to sleep. Hopefully by tomorrow, I will be back to 100%


  1. The cobbler looks great! I love blackberries and nectarines. Bacon and dates! What a combo...I'll have to give that a try...or should I? ;-) Have a great week!

  2. Those bacon wrapped dates look amazing! The only thing better is when you stuff the dates with blue cheese.

    What kind of bacon do you get? I've been going for the uncured stuff which tastes pretty good. Last night I sauteed bay scallops with bacon, minced garlic, and mushrooms and then had an avocado on the side. Yum!!!!!

  3. Bacon and dates? That is the strangest combination I have heard in a while. Struggling to imagine what that might taste like :)

  4. It tastes exactly like candied bacon. SO GOOD! If you like that whole sweet/salty thing.