Thursday, August 12, 2010

No Fish in the Microwave

You know what I love? When one of my co-workers puts fish leftovers in the office microwave to re-heat and eat for lunch. Besides the awesome smell that fills the office, hallway outside the office, and universe, it makes whatever the next person (always me) chooses to microwave taste like fish. How is there not a "no fish in the microwave" law yet?

So, anyone want to guess what I had for lunch today? If you guessed fish air with a side of Larabar, you're right! Even when I drink water out of my Starbucks sippy cup, it tastes like fish water. Yes, I'm a little ornery today. Some people that know me might be like "today?"

I think I'll take advantage of this and post all the things that are bugging me at the moment with the hopes of getting them off my chest, and hopefully away for good:

-Its sunny out. (I want to be outside)
-It smells like dead rotting fish in here.
-My boss asking me questions he already knows the answers a trap.
-Watching my co-worker apply for new jobs. Most likely all the same ones I just applied for.
-I got a new computer (tower only) and have zero desire/know-how to best transfer everything I need from this one to that one.
-My computer is so effing slow.
-I can't seem to drink water fast enough. Oh, yeah, it tastes like fish, I nearly forgot.
-The boss' wife's ring tone.
-So thirsty.
-Its 3pm and not 4:58pm

Ah. A little better. Most likely because once I write all the things out, I see how silly they are. Except for the fish in the microwave thing. Ok. I'm over it now, I promise.

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