Sunday, January 1, 2012

260-Janurary 1st Progress Update

Happy New Year!  I woke up this morning (without a hangover!) excited to watch the Rosebowl Parade and my Ducks play.  Then I learned that is tomorrow because the Rosebowl takes Sunday off.  WTF?  

Enough of that.  Let's get to the fun stuff, huh?  For those of you that have been reading for awhile, you know that December ended up being a tough month for me and I stumbled a little.  Looking back at my December 1st update, I KNEW it was going to be a tough month.  Here were my goals for the month of December:

Goals for December:
Continue eating a paleo diet
Continue to work on kipping swings at gym/increasing my dead hang hold time
Take fish oil and vitamin D daily 
More vegetables 
Formulate a good plan for all occasions coming up this month- Christmas party, Las Vegas, etc.
take a picture of myself today in a new outfit
perform as many push-ups as I can in a row (on my toes).  

Here are my pictures from December:

And here are my January pictures taken this morning:

I don't see that much difference.  Which is to be expected.  My side picture looks like my butt got bigger (it could just be the light), which I'm totally fine with- I keep having to explain to my mom that big butts are "in" right now.  

I'm about 0.5 pounds heavier on January 1st then I was on December 1st, but over the month I have lost 3 inches from my body.  

For the month of December:

Progress Report:

Recent lifts/workout feats that come to mind-
Back Extension hold- 1:40
Plank hold- 2:10
Box jumps- back on the 20" box!  
Sleep- getting plenty and still waking up before my alarm most days
Standing all day at work
Water consumption- fair
Supplements- really focused on vitamin D this month, and hope to continue that

How did I do on my mini-goals?  Fair I'd say.  The month started out well, and then just kinda fell off a cliff.  December challenge buddy had a lot going on, so I think we only managed 2 updates.  I was much better this month about taking supplements, I really think vitamin D is key here in NW winters.  

Oh, I did do my push-ups this morning, and on December 1st, I did 17 uninterrupted push-ups on my toes.  Today, I did 20. 

Goals for January:
Focus on getting back to a clean paleo diet- too many things have been slowly creeping back in (dark chocolate, nuts, corn chips, etc.)
Drink 1 gallon of water/day
Weekend at home kettlebell workouts with the new toy
Continue with Fish oil/vitamin D supplements

Ready, set, GO!  Here's to another great year filled with love, laughter, fitness, good food, family, friends, and success!  


  1. I found your blog through following a bunch of Paleo related links. I do my best to follow those guidelines, but nobody's perfect.

    I had to chuckle at your comment about the Rose Bowl not being until Monday. I teach school and we go back on Monday. My mom was convinced that I was mistaken because tomorrow is the day of the parade and the day most people get off of work. I'm wondering how many kids will show up.

    Happy new year and best wishes for 2012!

  2. So funny you found me Jennifer, I've had your blog in my reader for months (and just realized it when I saw this comment). Yay for Paleo/Crossfit fans!

  3. You look thinner in the waist...awesome job!!:)