Saturday, January 14, 2012

247- Practicing What I Preach

Have you ever started up a conversation with someone wearing a Harvard sweatshirt about the town Cambridge, MA, only to find out they didn't actually go to Harvard and were just wearing the sweatshirt?  I suppose you could replace "Harvard" with any band, location, or statement, maybe its only me, but it bothers me when people make statements with their clothing and they don't even stand behind it.  End rant.

So last week, I was getting ready to head out for my lunch time gym class, and I smelled catered lunch at work.  I changed into my gym clothes, and then made myself a plate of food to hide in my cube and eat when I got back from the gym, since by the time I returned from the gym, the vultures would've devoured all hot food from the schaffers.  

I got back to my cubicle set my plate down, and realized something incredibly cool and unplanned had occurred:

Yeah, funny.  And I don't own a Harvard sweatshirt, but I do own an Oregon one.  :)  

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