Tuesday, January 10, 2012

251- Wind Under Me

Laptop is fixed, just need to get decent spyware software.  Still blogging from iphone, still have a bunch of things I want to post from the past week, but, BUT something happened today that was worthy of sharing.  Today was a workout that I have never seen at a CrossFit before.  I mean, it makes sense, but I've just never been present for it.  I walked into the gym and saw: Run 3 miles.
Ok.  I could do this.  I've been on exactly 2 runs since spraining the fuck out of my ankle.  Both were fine.  As we began the warm-up it became quickly apparent how sore I was from yesterday's workout.  Let's take a few sentences to go over yesterday...we did Death by Thrusters.  I think I've explained the "death by" format before, the clock starts, and you have 1 minute to perform 1 of whatever movement (in this case 65# thrusters).  You can choose to perform the movement right away, and then have the remaining time to rest, or you can wait till the last 10 seconds of the minute and perform the movement.  Just as long as on minute 1, you do 1.  Minute 2, you do 2, etc, etc.  Get it?  Its pretty boring until about minute 5, your rest time shrinks drastically, you begin to slow down, and by minute 9 in my case, I was done.  But we weren't done yet.  We got a 2 minute rest, and then had to work backwards from our highest completed round in the same format.  So, after my rest I had one minute to do 9 thrusters, and go back down to 1.  I tallied it up at the end, and I did 90 thrusters in 18 minutes.  Jesus. 
Alright, back to today and me noticing my soreness.  I swear when I woke up, I felt fine.  Now that I'm in the gym I'm instantly all-over sore?  Even more reason a nice 3 mile run would be good for me.  I learn the route, strap on my shoes, and head out.  The first mile SUCKED.  I couldn't get into a rhythm, and just felt slow, although I wasn't the last one.  There was one guy behind me.
Mile 2, felt better lungs wise, but my crazy sore quads were so heavy, it felt like I had weights strapped to my legs.  I didn't wear the best pants, and they kept slipping down my belly, forcing me to have to pull them up every 2 seconds.  Partway into mile 2, guy behind me passed me, but I kept right on him.  WTH?  I thought I was keeping a pretty even pace my ankle started out with a dull pain, but now I wasn't feeling anything- that can't be good.  He hit a stoplight and I caught up immediately.  I realized that this should be the end for me, I didn't want to push my ankle any farther.  As we are waiting for the light to change, he says to me "do you run, like as one of your outside of CrossFit activities?"  I was like, "um, I haven't been, I sprained my ankle 6 months ago, and haven't fully gotten back to it."  He's says "well, you have the wind under you, keep it up!"  
I was confused.  I mean, he and I were fighting it out for LAST, and he tells me that I'm doing really good?  Maybe he meant I'm doing good for someone as large as me.  Or maybe he wanted to make his ego feel better?  Or maybe he was just being real, and I'm a bitch that can't take a compliment.  Hmmm.  I'll think about that for awhile.  
Anyway, I headed back to the gym after mile 2, fearing I was at a 12 minute mile pace and didnt want to be running all night, and he kept going.  My time upon returning was 20 minutes, meaning that I was probably at a sub-10 minute mile.  Right back to where I was before ankle.  I think I'm going to start running more again.   

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  1. Sucks that you thought that guy had bad intentions - im sure he didn't. It sucks being in last place, sure, but it's awesome saying something nice to someone. I'm always last at my crossfit class so I always try to say something nice to the other last-ish people because they kind of balance out. I bet you really did have the wind under you!