Wednesday, November 23, 2011

274, 273- Good News, Bad News, Update

Good News/ Bad News:

I upgraded to a new iPhone 4Gs/I lost most of my pictures, including my November 1 picture (its ok, I'll just use my "after picture" from last time)
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving/I still have sooo much cleaning to do to get ready
I got to leave early from work today/I didn't get the PR I wanted at the gym today
All our Thanksgiving dinner shopping is done/except when I realized we forgot spinach and heavy cream

Week 3 update:

Everything is going really well.  I've been good with taking my Fish Oil and vitamin D supplements.  I've been working on my kipping swings and pistols, and see progress, but I still have a way to go.  Scale has dropped by a few pounds, not that it matters, but for this month I won't be able to say I weighed the same in my before and after pics.  I always think its way cooler to see how a body can transform regardless of the scale.  

Jordan had a really good week.  She focused on getting more sleep, not eating when things didn't go her way, and making good choices in situations where the food was out of her control.  She's happy that the scale is holding at a low number, and she feels amazing.  

One week left with Jordan!  

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