Wednesday, November 9, 2011

287- Introducing Jordan*

In my call for help last week, I mentioned I was taking the remainder of my year (a little over 9 months) and breaking it up into nine 30 day challenges.  I asked for volunteers to take a 30 day chunk with me, because, lets face it, accountability, support, and help are all incredible tools when it comes to eating well and exercise.  In this first call for help (I can assure you there will be at least one more) I got 5 resounding "yeses."  I've got November 1st- December 1st covered, and four volunteers for January-March.  January may have two folks, or maybe I can talk one of them into April (KMcC?).  I'm beyond ecstatic about this, I have help all the way up until the end of March, and maybe April!  I have a thought for someone to rope into December 1st to January 1st, but have yet to contact them...I'll let you know how that goes.  I understand that is probably the worst/hardest time to get someone to try and eat no sugar/grains/etc. with me! 
Week one of my November 1st to December 1st 30 day challenge (aka count-down to 100 days) with my friend Jordan* is complete.  We shared our food logs yesterday over e-mail, as well as our monthly mini-goal progress updates.  I have been rocking the Fish Oil and vitamin D supplements, and she has been steadily working herself back into paleo eating after a tough start to her week.   
A little background on Jordan- she has made several attempts over the past year at eating paleo.  She is incredibly smart, active, a phenomenal athlete (with a very athletic body), and would probably share her last piece of bacon with me if we were ever in a situation where there was only one piece of bacon that needed to be shared.  I'm going to hazard a guess for her reasons at attempting to adopt a more Paleo approach to her eating, and if any of these prove to be untrue in the next 23 days, I'll let you know:
- she likes the way she feels eating this way
- something about this way of eating makes sense to her
- she wants to lean out (more muscle definition)
Her mini-goals for the 30 days are to keep attending her gym and doing outside runs, working on upper body strength, getting enough sleep, and stretching. 
So far so good!  I'll let you know how we are doing next week.
*name has been made up for privacy


  1. I can do April :) Any month really...cause I want to be gluten free, paleo, etc.