Tuesday, November 8, 2011

288- Dead Lifts

I now know why they are called dead lifts.  I might be dead.  Yesterday at gym #1, we did a 12 minute workout consisting of 3 movements- bear crawl, dead lifts and pull-ups.  The dead lifts were relatively heavy, but not to crazy 155#.  Still, over the course of the workout I ended up doing 54 155# dead lifts.  I went home and looked up what the workout was going to be for today at gym #2.  Oh, a 15 minute workout consisting of 3 movements?  Dead lifts, sprints, and pull-ups?  Awe, man!  Essentially the same workout I just did, only 3 minutes longer, and with HEAVIER dead lifts?!

I woke up this morning feeling every muscle in my shoulders, upper back, and abs.  Still, with my love of dead lifts, I was confident I could pull them off in today's workout.  I started out with 155# on my bar, but after the first round had to drop down to 135#.  It was just too much.  Still, I completed 6 dead lifts at 155#, and 30 at 135#.  Now I die.  

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