Tuesday, November 1, 2011

295- November 1 Update

So I'm 70+ days into this one year challenge.  I decided on October 1st to start doing monthly progress reports/goal setting.  I've been updating my measurements every month, and staying of the scale for the most part.  I say for the most part because while I know the scale doesn't really tell me anything real about my body composition, I do know that the number on the scale should be travelling in the downward direction just due to my size.  

The thing is, in these past 70 days, it hasn't budged much at all.  Up until a few days ago I was having panic moments that maybe yet again one more "plan" of mine is failing me.  Sure I feel great.  Sure I don't have any more cravings for horrible foods, and I can look at any food item with out it ruling my thoughts for the next hour/day/week.  Sure I've avoided sugar, grains, legumes, etc. for over 2 months, been going to CrossFit 4 days a week, but really?  No change on the scale?  

Perhaps I was spoiled by my initial Paleo experiment when I dropped 25 pounds in 3 months.  Of course I'm within a few pounds of that weight I reached after the 25 pound loss, but I clearly have more to go!  Hence my doubts.  

On October 1st, I decided to take a photo of me in shirt that I really like, but it is just a tad too tight for comfort I would not leave the house wearing this:

And same outfit Novemeber 1st:


Ok, so once again, the scale is full of shit.  I'm done panicking.  Moving forward on my course for a year of sticking to this plan...  

Progress Report:
Ankle- still getting stronger.  Sometimes I have some pain/stiffness, but after a warm up my mobility is nearly right back to where it was pre-sprain.
Recent lifts/workout feats that come to mind-
New Deadlift PR- 3 rep max- 200#
Box jumps- back to doing 18" box jumps
Ran 2 miles no problem
Sleep- getting plenty and still waking up before my alarm most days
Standing all day at work
Water consumption- good
Supplements- need to be better about taking fish oil and vitamin D.  

Goals for November:
Continue eating a paleo diet
Continue to work on kipping swings at gym/increasing my dead hang hold time
Work on one-legged squats daily
Take fish oil and vitamin D daily 
Have my first Paleo Thanksgiving

I took a new picture of me today, again, in an outfit that I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving the house in.  The pants fit, but are snug, and the top I chose to go with the pants I wouldn't wear the two of them together just yet. You'll have to wait till December 1st (day 100!) to see if I feel comfortable wearing them together yet!

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