Thursday, December 1, 2011

265- December 1st Update

DAY 100!!!  BOO-YAH.  Like I mentioned a few days ago, I got a new phone and accidentally wiped all my recent phone photos from my old phone before I could transfer them to new phone.  So, you'll just have to see me once again in the same outfit.  Next month will be a new outfit, promise.  

Some of you may have noticed I skipped over day 264, that's because I'm waiting for some info from Destiny (December challenge buddy) before I write a post introducing her and our challenge plans.  

November 1 pics:

December 1 pics:
Its hard to tell, but the shirt is now hanging off me, and almost makes me look bigger.  I can now wear it out in public.

Progress Report:

Recent lifts/workout feats that come to mind-
New push press PR- 115#
Back squat 3 rep max- 165# (not a PR, but good post ankle nonetheless)
Ran 3 miles 
Sleep- getting plenty and still waking up before my alarm most days
Standing all day at work
Water consumption- good
Supplements- really focused on fish oil and vitamin D this month.  I did well, and hope to continue taking both daily.

Goals for December:
Continue eating a paleo diet
Continue to work on kipping swings at gym/increasing my dead hang hold time
Take fish oil and vitamin D daily 
More vegetables 
Formulate a good plan for all occasions coming up this month- Christmas party, Las Vegas, etc.

In addition to taking a picture of myself today in a new outfit, I also performed as many push-ups as I could in a row (on my toes).  I'll do the same again on January 1st, and see if there is any difference.  

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