Monday, December 12, 2011

254- Short and Sweet

My workout today was 4 minutes.  Three minutes and fifty-six seconds to be exact.  Don't let that fool you though, it was a complete ass kicker.  Especially since the warm-up we did could have been considered a workout on its own.  After doing a variation of a barbell complex (65#) for a warm-up, we jumped into 4 rounds of: 4 barbell burpees, 4 squat jumps, and 4 head on wall fly's (an active rest mobility move).  The barbell burpees meant performing a burpee on a barbell, then standing up with the bar, cleaning it, and then pressing it overhead.  Squat jumps were just what they sound like- squat, and then jump up.  I got that familiar stomach turning over feeling as I pushed myself to do the workout as fast as possible.  

I'm slowly becoming a huge fan of the short workout.  Gone are the days of hours and hours of cardio, and worrying that I'm not burning enough calories in my workout to make up for what I was eating.  1) You cannot out exercise a bad diet, and 2) intensity is paramount over workout length.

Further reading on this subject by someone who has already said it, and says it better then me:

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