Tuesday, December 6, 2011

260- Dedication

I'm traveling for work, and thought I'd have time to go to my normal gym class today, but we left earlier then expected, and shortly after, I found myself alone in a hotel room for 3 hours to pass until dinner. I decided to look on my favorite Internet workout site, BodyRock Tv, and see what sort of torture they had in store for the day. I love this site because it's free, everything you need you most likely have lying around, and just look at Zuzana, I mean, how could you NOT want to workout after seeing her?

Today's workout was a challenge, sumo squat step ups or some such. I watched the video demonstration, and then looking around my hotel room realized I had nothing to step up on. I went into the bathroom and noticed the tub was about perfect step up height. The bathroom was pretty narrow, and I had to watch my head on the shower curtain rod every time I stepped up, but I did it. I let the Snoop Dogg pandora station fill the room, and I performed 100 sumo squat step ups on each side as fast as I could, stopping on briefly when it was time to switch legs.

I hope my ass looks like hers tomorrow.

See the BodyRock workout I did HERE

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