Friday, December 30, 2011

262- Holy Hard Workout

Each of the three main trainers at the gym take turns coming up with the workouts for a month.  Each trainer has different styles and tends to favor different things.  It keeps things interesting for sure.  Yesterday wrapped up hot cop trainer's month, and holy crap, it was a serious ass-kicker.  I should have known when I checked the website for the WOD, and it was titled "turn and cough."  

The whole month we had sort of been following a format of: sizeable warm-up, short intense WOD involving weights, and then some sort of mobility move.  I really love the short intense workouts.  Yesterday was different.  Instead of a sizeable warm-up, we headed to the back extension machines to find out two things: our max hold, and our max reps (after doing the hold).  We did this once before, and I remember not being so good at it.  I decided to really push myself and see what I could do.  I was determined not to drop off the back extension machine first.  I succeeded in that, but was second.  I held for 1:40.  The girl that lost 130 pounds in the last 2 years held for 3 minutes.  Apparently, after you lose 130 pounds, you can do anything.  My back was really feeling it, then it was time for max back extensions unbroken.  I made it to 27.  I think these were both better performances then last time we did this, but plenty of room for improvement exists.  My back was on fire.

As hot cop trainer was explaining the WOD, I began to get worried.  He started out by saying this "should" take us 22 minutes, but he's cutting us off at 25.  These types of WOD's never go good for me.  I decided to go with a light weight.  So I thought.  The workout was: 

5 Rounds - 15 Reps - Never Drop the Bar

  • Upright Row
  • Dead Lifts
  • Bent Row
  • SDLHP- single leg deadlift high pull
  • Squat Thrusts
  • Military Press
  • Front Squats
One round is performing each of the listed items 15 times before moving onto the next, and not letting go of the bar until you are done with the whole sequence (or at all preferably).  I decided to go with a 35# bar.  The first round felt so sluggish, I looked at the clock and realized I was never going to make 22 minutes, or 25.  It was then I realized I had been using a 45# bar.  They look so damn similar!  Anyway, once I picked up the 35# things went a lot better, but I was still dripping sweat, everything from my hamstrings to my lower back was on fire, and at times I was questioning whether or not I was going to give in.  Somewhere, somehow I found a pace and just keep working.  I hit the end of my fourth round right at 22 minutes.  I made it through 3 squat thrusts by the 25 minute cut off.  I think if I hadn't done 45# my first round, I might have made it through the whole thing.  The really exciting thing?  I can do this whole workout anytime I want at my house with my new kettlebell!  Yay!  I'm not saying that I'm going to, I'm just saying I could...

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  1. Congrats and good job on the great WOD xx
    - Desperate Student