Thursday, December 8, 2011

258- This is New...

Today was another long day on the road for work.  I got to sleep in till 6:30a, and then we covered probably 400 miles driving to various sites checking things out.  It was a gorgeous day, but still, sitting in a car all day really zaps the energy.  I think yesterday caught up with me.  Despite all the driving I got home earlier then I expected I would, and decided to return the dress I ordered online from Macy's back at the store, and shop for a new one, exhausted as I was.

I enlisted the bf deluxe to help.  I knew it was not going to be a fun time for him, and hoped I could find something at Macy's because I didn't want to spend Friday night after work shopping around.  It went against my better judgement to shop so tired, and I still have other things to do to get ready for the party, I have party food to make!  So, we get to Macy's, and I start grabbing dresses of various sizes off the racks.  I start trying things on, and all the smaller size dresses fit!  I was in shock.  There was nothing terrible about the experience at all.  I brought 4 dresses into the room, every single one fit, and then I picked the one I liked the best.  It is how shopping should be always.

Except, it was a totally new thing for me to be able to essentially pick anything off the rack and have it fit, and then like it.  The whole time from entering the store to returning the online dress to getting my new dress took 20 minutes?  Bf deluxe was super surprised and never had any chance to do any bored wandering around the store.  Being smaller has so many more benefits.  

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