Wednesday, December 28, 2011

264- Two Years Later

Happy Birthday to my blog!  Today, she turns two.  I have now officially lasted longer then 90% of bloggers that start sometime around the end of the holidays/New Year.  I remember two years ago I was determined to not be so cliche as to start on January 1st, I was READY to lose weight!  I refused to be a statistic, and so starting that day, December 28, 2009 it became this.
Much like a real life, this blog has taken many twists and turns.  Each turn is a representation of what I know at the moment, what I have learned about my body, and how I want to proceed with that information.  Sheesh, if you had told me two years ago that I would still be here today, with stuff to say, I would have laughed in your face.  I mean, I know I talk a lot, but two years worth of me hammering out little details of my life pertaining to what I eat and how I could I possibly say anything that hasn't been said before?
I can't, nor do I want to.  I'm happy to report the one thing about this blog that hasn't changed in the last two years: this is for me, my experiments, my beliefs, and most importantly, I don't write for any audience I may or may not have.  
I'm also happy to report quite possibly the largest change this blog has undergone: initially I was focused on losing a set number of pounds, thinking that would get me to looking how I "want" to look.  NOW I'm focused on building a healthy body (from the inside out) and looking good as a side effect. 
My methods are ridiculously simple.  I've been working on fixing (really fixing) what is broken- my insulin response and metabolic rate.  Years of being overweight, addicted to simple carbohydrates, and yo-yo dieting have wrecked havoc on my system, and I needed a re-set.  Two years of focusing on my body has got me here: 
Whenever possible, I eat real foods only.  Preferably, the simplest real foods I can get my hands on- meat, eggs (from my chickens), vegetables, fruit, and nuts.  I eat these things on their own or endless various combinations, using things like olive oil, spices, fresh herbs, pasture butter, and occasionally cream to further their appeal to my tastebuds.  Again, keeping it as simple as possible.
I workout 4-5 days a week, never doing the same thing twice.  My workouts are short (rarely over 20 minutes), intense (push myself till I think I'm going to die), and typically involve me lifting some sort of heavy weight (this includes myself at times). 
I try to get 9 or more hours of sleep per night, and usually succeed.
My goals focus around being able to do things with my body, rather then getting to a certain weight or pants size.  I'm still after that elusive pull-up, and gdmit, this WILL be the year I do one (preferably, many, in a row).     
So whether you've been with me for the past two years, or you just stumbled in for a quick peek, hello, and thanks.  This outlet has proven to be tremendously helpful for me.  I've found similarities with folks I've never met, received kind comments from people that stop by regularly, and I've created a two year history for myself to go back and sort through, ensuring I keep the good habits going, and the bad history from repeating itself too often. 


  1. Happy birthday to your blog! I always enjoy reading your posts...even though I do not usually comment! Good luck on getting those pull ups! You can do it!

  2. I'm with Allison - love reading, rarely comment. You're awesome Violet! 2 years + of crossfit and I still can't do dips! Don't let it get you down, you'll get there. Happy Birthday new Violet :)

  3. Thanks ladies! Miss seeing both your faces daily.

  4. nice work!! :) - c