Saturday, December 3, 2011

263- Holiday Explosion

I spent the day getting the house ready for next Saturday's holiday party.  We are hosting the party this year, and I'm so excited.  I love decorating and sparkly stuff.  I turned on the Pandora Christmas station and went to town. 
We got our tree a few days ago, so that's all set up and ready to go:

This year, rather then spend a morning driving out to the forest to cut a tree down ourselves (a tree permit is only $10!) we decided to save our time, money, gas, and sanity and go to Home Depot.  We found this perfect frasier fir for $30!  Of course, our stand wasn't big enough, so after some Goodwill hunting (ha!) we found one for $5!  Tip: after buying a tree stand at Goodwill for $5 do a quick test and fill it with water BEFORE setting up your tree.  It may have a crack in it that needs to be epoxyed.  Just sayin.'  Also, another tip: test lights by plugging the strands in before putting on tree.  Again, just sayin'
I'm not sure where I got the idea, but I decided to gift wrap the outsides of all our interior doors:


The stockings are hung:

I knitted these a few years back.  Probably one of the best things I ever did. 
Next up, I'm using some of the trimmings from the bottom of our tree to hang around this opening to the family room.  I still need to find some mistletoe somewhere, and then I think we'll be set!
I had way too much fun doing this.  The bf deluxe came home and was like, "holy crap, Christmas just threw up in here."  HAHAHHAHAHA.  Now I just hope we can be careful enough with the doors so they last without tears until the party! 

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