Tuesday, December 20, 2011

246- Feeling Strong

Today's workout felt like childs play.  I felt solid through the whole thing.  It wasn't so much a cardio intense workout, or a strength killer, but technical, and I rocked it.  All aspects of it.

We started out by warming up with Turkish Get-ups.  A highly technical move that requires using lots of stabilizing muscles, and focus.  They aren't hard because there is no way to do these with more weight then you can handle.  Last week we did these and I was using a 10# medicine ball because everything was so shaky.  Today, I was using a 25# kettlebell no problem.  It was like night and day from last week.

Next, we did our timed WOD- 6 rounds of: 6 one arm/one leg Romainian deadlifts (on each side)- again, not a hard move, but very technical balancing on one leg, bending while pushing your non-standing leg out, picking up the kettlebell, and returning to standing all on ONE leg.  I felt these in every muscle of my core, back, and glutes.  The farther you can kick up your non-standing leg, the better (harder) and as the workout progressed, I focused on pushing that leg higher and higher.  I lost my balance a few times, but really made sure I was keeping perfect form.  6 toes to bar- remember waaaaaay back when this was a move that I wanted to be able to master, and I could barely get my feet 2 inches off the floor?  Well, I can now do toes to bar.  I did all 36 of them for this workout, and they were all legitimate.  6 praying mantis- this is a mobility move, and is similar to a superman, but you start with your hands behind your back (like handcuffs) and while your chest and quads are off the ground (on your stomach) you move your hands to in front of you, touch them, and move them back before relaxing.  I finished 2nd out of the group of 8.  All 3 girls finished 1, 2, 3, so I'm thinking the technical stuff must've been easier for the ladies.  The whole thing  (six rounds of 6 of each movement) took me 12:10.  Perfect.

When we were done with the WOD, we did a max plank hold for time (on elbows).  The last time I did this, I think I lasted 1:40 or so, I really wanted to make it to 2 minutes.  I held for 2:10.  It was pretty much effortless except for the last 10 seconds.  Awesome.  Like I said, feeling strong! 

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