Thursday, September 1, 2011

356- Tires and Deadlifts

Today, on my lunch break, I carried truck tires around a parking lot and deadlifted when I wanted a break from tire carrying. This went on for nearly 22 minutes.

When this was over, my hands struggled to open, my hard earned callouses from 3 years of high school crew were swollen and had massive blisters underneath, and my forearms were on fire. It was a great workout. Ankle is holding up well. Definitely a rest day tomorrow, but I'm seriously going to try and do some run/walking this weekend.

I guess its about time I mention the hot cop trainer we have at the gym by my work. I'm making a mental note to never share this blog with anyone at my new gym, because I would die if they read this (feel special CF Muk'ers!). So yeah, the cop thing instantly adds a few hot points onto most guys, something about a uniform? Probably my favorite thing is that after introducing myself to him 2 weeks ago, he's never called me by my name. I'm just "V" and I love it! Now all the other 12 noon regulars call me "V" too, probably cause they think that's my name! Don't worry, the boyfriend deluxe knows all about him, and proceeds to tease me incessantly.

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