Thursday, September 29, 2011

328- Death Week

I survived death week at the gym.  Each day this week we did a workout in "death by" format.  'Death by' means that starting on minute 1, you perform 1 rep or 1 round of the given exercise, and then have the remainder of the minute to rest.  On minute 2 you perform 2 reps of the given exercise and rest the remainder of the minute.  It adds up fast, and soon you are just finished completing rounds and your rest time is nothing.  When you fail to complete the given number of reps for the minute you are on, you are done.

Try it for yourself.  Pick a single exercise you need to work on (push-up, burpee, box jump, handstand, 10m sprint etc.) and test out the 'death by' format.  You will get smoked, but I promise you will live.  

Walking should be interesting tomorrow.  

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