Monday, September 19, 2011

338- We Crave What We Eat

We crave what we eat.  In my continuing attempts at this paleo thing, the same thought runs through my head around the 3rd or 4th week.  Where have my cravings for bad food gone?  I went from a constant state of thinking about food, wanting food, denying myself foods, rationalizing foods, feeling guilty about food, to thinking nothing about food.  That's pretty extreme.  

I should point out that this is not a complaint, rather more of an observation.  This is probably the best explanation of what I mean when I say "my brain has changed."  So, what is different?  I think pasta might be the best example I can think of.  Prior to my paleo days, pasta was a weekly staple.  I could eat pasta with red sauce out of a jar every night (I didn't) but it always sounded good to me.  It was a go-to meal when I was too tired to think of anything else, or a meal I would eat when I needed comfort. I always thought I was doing myself a huge favor by eating that meal- it was low fat!  

I haven't had that meal- a meal I used to eat multiple times a week in over 15 months.  I haven't craved it once.  My theory?  Because I removed it from my rotation.  I also think that cravings have something to do with blood sugar spikes and lows, and some biochemical reactions taking place.  So, as long as I keep my blood sugar in check, I should be able to keep my cravings in check.  Still testing this theory.    

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