Monday, September 26, 2011

331-Lunchroom Lo-carb Chat

I rounded the corner and walked through the doorway of our lunchroom today weiding my 2 chicken legs in tupperware.  There were two co-workers of mine (one I know well, and the other not much at all) chatting while little known co-worker was just pulling out his delicious smelling leftovers.  "Really?"  I heard friend co-worker say, "no carbs?"  "Yup."  He replied.  Without hesitation, I jumped in and started telling my experiences with la vida lo carb. 
Like two vultures devouring a fresh roadkill, we went back and forth sharing all the successes and things we love about our lives since removing carbs from our diets.  He lost 25 pounds in 7 weeks and stopped snoring.  I told him about my allergies disappearing and how GREAT I feel.  He crossed the breakroom and shook my hand.  Friend co-worker just stood in awe, and took it all in.  Yes, I think we may have a new convert soon! 
Talking about diet/food is tough.  Its very personal, everyone is emotionally tied to the things they eat.  Its so nice happening upon like-minded individuals in the most random of places (i.e. NOT my crossfit gym!).  It also makes me feel like this wonderful information could be reaching many different groups of people, and that is so, so exciting.   

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