Saturday, September 10, 2011

347- Sometimes I Forget

That food is fuel.  My lunch yesterday consisted of some leftover grilled chicken breast and some sliced avocado.  Not really one of my most exciting lunches.  As the office was munching down on a catered meal of pizza and salad with mini shrimps on top, I nuked my food.  About 2 bites into it, I remembered how much I don't care for chicken breast.  Especially when I'm used to chicken thighs, pork shoulder, rib-eye steaks, etc.  

I ate about 3 more bites and threw the rest away.  I had gotten everything I needed from that meal, some protein, some fat, and I was done.  The smells of delivered pizza had nothing on me.  I was simply re-fueling to get me through the rest of my work day, re-fueling to get me to dinner.  It worked just fine.  

Sometimes I forget that not every meal needs to be a culinary experience.  Food can be simply fuel.  

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