Friday, September 30, 2011

327- I Tried

But the power of dead pig is just too much.
I've mentioned many times about how my work has many catered lunches and breakfasts.  In fact, it seemed to be a daily event the first month I started!  My grocery bill went way down, but my waistline definitely went up.  I started out being good, just taking meat and vegetables, no dessert.  Day by day I was broken down, and shortly after when the meals became fewer and farther between, I was fully enjoying all parts of our catered meals, because who knew when there would be another one?  The days we had BBQ were my favorite.  Juicy dry-rubbed ribs and brisket (with a tasty no doubt sugar laden bbq sauce on the side), hot sausages, sometimes chicken, cole slaw, dirty rice, and corn muffins.  We get a lot of BBQ here.  A few months ago there was a long drought of no catered lunches, so I kinda forgot about turning the corner towards the kitchen (also on the way to both the bathroom and mailroom) and seeing a two table long spread of schaffers full of steaming goodness. 
The past 2 weeks have been different.  The catered breakfasts and lunches have returned.  I am so happily settled into my routine that I no longer stand idling in my cube waiting for the go-ahead to grab a plate.  Rather, I grab my gym bag, head to the bathroom (in the same hallway as the food) change into my workout clothes and head to the gym.  When I return, the food is put away, and I nuke my leftovers.  Usually there is some form of leftovers sitting on the counter next to the microwave, but I look at them with no feeling whatsoever and eat my stuff from home. 
The lunches this week haven't even looked remotely appealing to me.  Salmon on Monday?  Bleh.  Lasagna on Tuesday?  Bleh.  Sandwiches on Wednesday?  No thanks.  Fortunately I already went through the phase of trying all this stuff when I first started so I know none of it is that good!  Everything changed yesterday.  I was just about to head to the bathroom to change for my workout when I received the e-mail- BBQ in 2-D.  In case that doesn't make sense, that is an e-mail invitation to go next door and chow down on BBQ. 
Ooooh, now I was conflicted.  I could quickly run over, grab some ribs (only ribs!) and set them aside so I had them for after my workout.  Maybe there would be some leftovers in the kitchen when I returned?  No, probably not.  Oh, what do I do?!  This was the most pull from food I've experienced in weeks.  It was really effing with me.  I remained focused, and in my routine.  I changed, went to the gym, and told myself that it won't be too long before we have another catered BBQ lunch.  Missing this one BBQ lunch is NOT going to kill me.  Post workout, BBQ was the last thing on my mind.  I walked into the kitchen and saw 3/4th of a huge frosted cake that must have been leftover.  I walked past it to nuke my lunch.  I went about the rest of my day.
Today I per my usual routine, I went to the kitchen first thing to nuke my breakfast and grab coffee.  The leftover cake nearly gone was still sitting on the counter.  Maybe an hour or so later I went back for my second cup of coffee and there were 2 large cakes in addition to the previous left over cake in the kitchen.  Some cheesecaky-tiramisu looking thing that in a previous life would have devoured 3 slices with my second cup of coffee after my breakfast just because it was there (most of it is whipped cream, right?).  "What is with this place?" I thought.  So much of this stuff goes to waste (mostly because I'm no longer eating it! HA!).  A few hours later I head back to the kitchen to heat up my organic hamburger, and I see a tray of bbq pork ribs, dirty rice, and a bag of corn muffins.  LEFTOVERS FROM YESTERDAY raced through my mind.  I quickly grabbed 2 small ribs (no sauce), threw them on top of my burger and nuked my new lunch.  Oh, I was SO excited.  Even as I went through the motions of heating up my hamburger, I knew I'd be back for more ribs. 
But, I had to try.  I went to my desk and ate the ribs first.  I told myself if I finished my hamburger and was still hungry (not likely), I could have another rib.  I took two bites of my comparatively dry, flavorless burger, tossed it in my trash and went back for more ribs.  My mind (and tummy) now sit satisfied with dry-rubbed smokey goodness.  I feel kinda bad for my burger since under normal circumstances I look forward to it.   
Eh, what can I say?  The power of dead pig is just too much! 

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