Saturday, September 3, 2011

354- 31 Heroes WOD

Today at the original gym, we honored the 31 Heroes killed in battle about a month ago in Afghanistan by performing an newly created hero WOD. I had agreed to do the workout weeks ago, still unsure of how my ankle would be doing, and not knowing the workout (they hadn't made it up yet!).

When I learned what the workout was, I got worried because 1) it was a partner WOD, and we all know how much I love those, and 2) nearly all of the things I couldn't do properly. While one partner is running 400m with weight, the other partner is to perform as many rounds as possible of the following: 8 thrusters, 6 rope climbs (or 18 modified get ups), 11 box jumps. When your partner gets back from the run, you inform them of where you are in the round, and they pick up there.

I went to the gym not sure if I was going to be doing the workout. Before I knew it, I was. I discussed the modifications I would be making with the trainers, and met my partner. The new girl. Different gym, different partner WOD, different new girl. FML. Besides my partner being totally clueless on how the workout was supposed to be tallied, it was awesome. I may have been kinda mean to her, but really? How hard is it to keep track of 3 things and do them repetitively and tell me where you left off?

Anyway, all annoyance aside, I had an awesome workout. I was able to run 1 mile (400m 4X) today! Not only that, but I spent a ridiculous amount of time pulling myself off the floor with an aide of a large rope. Glad my grip had healed from Thursday's killer workout. I felt amazing afterwards, made sure to make peace with the new girl, and ate some yummy paleo approved foods.

It was so good seeing everyone, I felt stupid for even thinking I wasn't going to be able to participate. Afterall, this workout was about putting all the day to day crap (or a healing sprained ankle) aside and honoring 31 people that gave their all. Thank you heroes. Today was for you.

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