Tuesday, September 6, 2011

351- Well Rested

A few months ago, the bf deluxe's schedule got switched around a bit, and we were able to start carpooling to work on Mondays and Tuesdays.  In terms of sleep habits/waking up, the bf deluxe and I are complete opposites.  I love sleeping, he hates sleeping.  I go to bed early, he stays up as late as possible.  I hate being woken up, he doesn't mind.  I can't function on less then 7 hours of sleep, he runs on an average of 5 hours.  

Normally our patterns work because he worked nights.  I always went to bed early because I had to be up early.  I would grumble and snooze 1,000 times in the morning before getting up while he slept away till late morning.  Sometimes I'd wake up and he hadn't even gone to bed yet!  I had the whole bathroom to myself to get ready in, I could take as much time as I wanted getting my lunch ready and packing for the gym.  

Lately we've been going to bed at the same time, but the morning?  The mornings are very different.  It starts out with the alarm going off at 6am.  The bf immediately bolts up and begins his 5 minute routine to get ready, 10 minutes if he showers.  Meanwhile, I'm still in bed trying to eek out the last bit of sleep possible with the dog before I get yelled at to wake up.  Did I mention I hate waking up?  So then I stumble around, trying to find something to wear, clothes for the gym, pack my lunch, make sure the chickens, dog, and plants are fed/watered, while the bf deluxe paces back and forth silently rushing me out the door.  Inevitably, I forget to do something every morning (deodorant, socks for the gym, snack, etc.)  On the plus side, I do get to be a passenger in the car and catch up on my blog reading as we speed through traffic in the carpool lane.  

Today was different.  I don't know if it was the 3 day weekend, or my diet, but I woke up BEFORE the alarm, before the bf, and proceeded to get ready.  I was so well rested that I just woke up and was ready to go!  We were out the door in record time.  It was awesome.  Let's hope for more mornings like that!   

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