Thursday, September 15, 2011

342- Tin/Aluminum

10 years in Seattle.  A whole decade.  Crazy.  It is also my pre-wedding anniversary?  One year from today is my wedding date.

Last year I wrote a post about my nine year Seattle anniversary, and some goals I set for myself for this past year.  How'd I do?  Let's take a look:

1) Continue to eat Paleo (85% or better)
2) Be a Crossfit rockstar (give 100%, everytime)
3) Be able to complete at least one full, real pull-up
4) Get back into sailing (once I reach a reasonable weight)
5) Find a job that is more suitable to my personality (more structure, more challenge)
6) Continue to maintain the friendships I have, and don't miss any opportunities to re-connect with lost friends
7) Travel outside of the U.S. again (preferably with boyfriend)
8) Get my first credit card
9) Be more consistent with retirement saving/contributions


So, I know what you are thinking.  It doesn't look good.  But, if I were to choose ONE thing from last years list to have if it meant not having any of the others it would be a new job.  I got that.  I love my new job.  Year 10 was a success.  

This year's goals:
1) Complete 365 days without sugar/grains/legumes
2) Get my ankle back to pre-injury state
3) Convert the entire front yard to a vegetable garden
4) Get a pull up, either kipping or strict
5) Run a 5K sub 30 minutes
6) 30" box jump
7) Travel outside the U.S.
8) Get my first credit card
9) Sail more
10) Attend some training that will aid in my field

I love my life here.

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  1. That sounds like a good year to me! A job you like is SO important in your life! I've been meaning to make a post (and a page) with my goals and keep track of my progress. This is giving me some great motivation!