Saturday, September 17, 2011

340- Shift

Ok, something weird is happening.  Not bad, definitely goodish, but weird nonetheless.  Are you ready for it?  I'm kicking butt in my workouts.  Let me try to explain.  Sometimes I think I'm at a level which I'm not, in the sense that I have total confidence in my abilities, yet it just doesn't translate through to the workout.  I'll use an example to illustrate my thought process:
(take a look at workout on board)
example: Run 1 mile
Internal dialogue- "lets see, last time we ran a mile, I got 8:30.  Do I think I can beat that?  I don't know.  I'll for sure try to pick someone fast to run with, and just go for it.  Yeah, I'm gonna go for it."
During the workout my internal dialouge would usually go something like- "whew, this feels hard.  I feel sluggish.  Why won't my body just GO?  Where is my breath?  Just finish.  Just finish." 
example result: 8:35
This type of thing happens to me more often then not.  I really, truly feel I can do something, and then once I'm doing it, it just seems SO much harder then I was anticipating.  Even when I know things are going to be hard and it feels like I'm moving at break-neck speed, I'm not (according to that bastard the clock).  I've mentioned before about my brains wanting to pace myself, but that's not really what I'm talking about here. 
My latest theory based on my last 2 kick ass workouts is that there is a tipping point at which you become capable of doing more, then your mind and body sync up and you are able to push yourself past previous known limits. 
I think for sure this is a rare club that many don't belong to, but you know as soon as you are there.  For example Monday's workout, when I predicted I would finish in 23:40, I got 22:46.  I also was figuring that push-ups were going to be tough.  They were, don't get me wrong, but I was banging them out at a speed and intensity that previously only existed in my mind.  My body was actually doing what my mind envisioned.  THAT is the part that is weird, or maybe will just take some getting used to.
Then it happened again during Tuesday's workout- 13 minute AMRAP- (all 45#) 15 deadlifts, 15 upright rows, 15 squat thrusters (aka death), 15 push press, 15 front squats.  I looked at the board and saw most people got 2 rounds and some change.  I wanted to finish 3 rounds.  I busted my ass and nearly got through the 3rd round.  I was 15 front squats away, and dripping sweat on the floor.  Its like the better shape you get in, the harder you can work? 
There is only one thing to attribute this new phenomenon to.  My diet.  Awesome. 

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