Friday, September 16, 2011

341- Sad WOD

We are headed over to eastern Washington today for a camping trip.  I'm so excited!  We always have to wait till mid-September to do anything together since summer is super busy at bf deluxe's work.  No vacations allowed.  So, as soon as business dies down, we head out of town.  Do not fret, I have tricked this blogger thingy into posting while I'm away (I hope).

So yesterday was a disappointing day at Crossfit.  I skipped Wednesday's class because of meetings, and was delighted to see the workout for Thursday was "make-up day."  I really wanted to make up the deadlift workout from Wednesday.  So I go into class, fully expecting to lift a bunch of heavy shit from the ground to the middle of my thighs.  I'm still incredibly sore, like every time I move I groan in pain sore, so a mellow deadlift workout was just what I was in the mood for.  

Apparently, the make up day was for any workouts we missed last week.  Well, I didn't miss any from last week, and therefore had to pick out of a bag (which contained nothing but workouts from last week) and I was not allowed to do the deadlift workout.  I tried not to be pouty, but honestly, I didn't want to do a workout I just did last week.  I was ridiculously sore, so I knew my time was going to suck, and I WANTED TO DO DEADLIFTS.  I'm guessing it is for that very reason that I was not "allowed" to do the deadlift workout.  The same reason why trainers hate posting workouts online- because people tend to pick and choose what workouts they do.  The whole point is to do the things you suck at, and get better, not just do workouts that you want to do and/or like.  Grrrr.

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