Sunday, September 18, 2011

339- Carb Inhalation?

Ok, I'm going to let you into a little bit of the crazy inside me.  Awhile ago I used to work at a fancy grocery store deli.  The kind of deli that did a full blown lunch menu, panini's, various hot items, and some fried items.  So, along with running around like a chicken with its head cut off heating up the hot items, taking orders, running the register, grilling panini's, cleaning, etc., I (well, all the deli workers) had to deep fry chicken, jojo's, and corn dogs.  Since I've been conscious of my weight for my entire adult life, I was conscious about the foods I needed to prepare as part of my job.  I actually worried that breathing in the smell of the items frying, I could get fatter.  True story.
Now, I kinda laugh at that (I got to my last low weight as an adult while working there).  Anyway...why is this relevant?  Because across the street from the new gym is a bread factory.  While we are working out, the yeasty smell of refined carbs waffes through, and I can't help but thinking: "am I derailing all my Paleo efforts by breathing in the carb air?"
Yeah, I'm nuts.  Go on, say it. 


  1. Ha - I used to live right by a bakery plant and some days I felt like I didn't need to buy cinnamon rolls or bread because I was inhaling them!

    From a couple of days ago, your comment about chicken breasts tasting blah got me thinking. I've had the same issue lately but it didn't occur to me that it might be because they're so lean. I had wings and legs recently and those were fabulous; think I'll get some legs and thighs and see if those taste better to me. Today I've got a somewhat lean overall pork chop that I cut myself from a big tenderloin but left all the fat on. Man oh man I love grilled pork fat!!

  2. I know! I think the best thing I learned this year is that fat is not the enemy, insulin is. Bring on the bacon!