Sunday, September 4, 2011

353- Paleo Recipe Explosion!

So far this weekend has been a Paleo recipe marathon, and with one more day left in the holiday weekend, I don't plan on stopping!

So far, I've made (click to get sent to recipe):
- roasted garlic
- Roasted purple carrots

I know that the roasted garlic and carrots aren't really that exciting, but they are worth noting because I have never had purple carrots before (picked them up this morning at the Farmers Market) and I've never roasted garlic before. Huge success on both!

In fact, everything I made this weekend rocked, and my fridge is stocked with yummy dips/sauces and veggies from the market. Tomorrow I'll be making pesto with the basil I picked up. Can't wait to start experimenting this week with combinations. Is it me or do fun condiments make everything more exciting?!

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