Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pottery, Willow, and Leather

In case the title of this post didn't give it away, today is my 9th, NINTH! Anniversary here in Seattle. I moved here on September 15, 2001. Wow. Its hard to believe that nine years has gone by since I graduated college. When I think about all that has occurred in the last nine years, it feels like a lifetime. Jobs, friends, weight, and sunshine have all frequently come and gone.

If you had told me upon my first year moving here that I would be here for 9 more years, I probably would have laughed in your face. I guess I never saw Seattle as a permanent stop for me. I kept thinking the weather would get to me. It does, but then it passes. And so do the years.

This is also a reminder to me to be vigilant in my efforts, of having goals, and seeing them through, because the time goes by so fast. I don't want to dwell and get too upset over the fact that I've spent the past 9 years struggling with my weight, because the important thing is now I'm on the right track. I have 9 years times 5 or 6 left in front of me. I don't want to spend any more of those floundering or unfocused. I've learned my lesson.

I'd like to lay out some goals for the next year, so that when I hit my first decade in Seattle, I can end on a positive note:

1) Continue to eat Paleo (85% or better)
2) Be a Crossfit rockstar (give 100%, everytime)
3) Be able to complete at least one full, real pull-up
4) Get back into sailing (once I reach a reasonable weight)
5) Find a job that is more suitable to my personality (more structure, more challenge)
6) Continue to maintain the friendships I have, and don't miss any opportunities to re-connect with lost friends
7) Travel outside of the U.S. again (preferably with boyfriend)
8) Get my first credit card
9) Be more consistent with retirement saving/contributions

Here's to another great year.

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