Saturday, September 11, 2010


SaFriday...the day that occurs on a Saturday when you didn't work on Friday, and are "working" on Saturday to make it up. So here I am- physically that is, hardly ever mentally (heh). All I can think about is getting in my Crossfit "crack" in a few hours. After three days of crazy soreness, I FINALLY feel better, and can actually move like myself again. Ready for more I am!

Eating has been good. As I've mentioned before, this Paleo thing has come way easier to me then I ever could have imagined. I'm to the point now where I really don't even think about it any more. There are simply foods I can eat, and foods I can not. I don't get intense cravings anymore, or feel deprived of anything to the point of obsessing about it. If circumstances lead me to eat something that is not 100% Paleo, I make up for it by exercising and eating well the next few days. Isn't that the way it should be?

It breaks my heart to see other bloggers write their "full disclosures" of going off whatever "plan" they set for themselves. I spent years...nearly a lifetime on that roller coaster...and I wish I could instantly make them feel the freedom I feel. I honestly believe it is a chemical/biological (not sure which word applies) reaction that can not be controlled by will no matter how one tries. It can only be temporarily suppressed until the offending agents are removed from the body.

Then I begin to doubt myself. How do I know this isn't just my "temporary suppression" phase? I don't. But I've done this enough times to know that I'm different. I look at food differently. I react to food differently. I think about food differently. I cook food differently. I eat food differently. It is these differences that silence the self-doubt and keep me pushing forward. Feeling better everyday. Seeing the efforts of my changes in my body.

To anyone struggling out there, keep pushing. Keep researching healthy lifestyles. Keep trying new things. I need you to do this so I will keep doing this.


  1. Now that I've had my ten day fling to cheat, I'm going to go back on a more stricter paleo. I just felt better all around. Sugar turned out to be the thing that had the biggest effect when I added it back in. I would've sworn it would have been wheat, but it was sugar that made me nauseous.

    Viva la paleo!!

  2. Oh, and I'm at work too. Which is why I am reading blogs ;)

  3. Ha ha. If it weren't for work, I'd never have time to blog!

    Sugar is beyond evil, and addiction to it is worse then an addiction to heroin. The sugar lobby? Don't even get me started. Reducing my sugar intake is hands down, a full time job. But when I do? Wow, do I feel great.

  4. Having just written a full disclosure, I can promise you I'll get there. It may take awhile and it may take a few more posts like that, but I will get there.

  5. @Blubeari- it seems to be a bug among many bloggers lately! I have no doubt you will get there. Lets make a inspire me, I'll inspire you.